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Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Tinted Colours

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  • Colour Match - Available Colour-match Available
  • Durability Durability Long Life Cycle
  • Product Type Product Type Water Based
  • Recoat Time Recoat Time 4-6 Hours
  • Application Method Application Method Brush, Roller, Sprayer
  • Coverage Coverage 7-12m2 per litre

The Paint Shed recommends

Demidekk Ultimate is a premium wood finish for projects where longevity is important thanks to its expected 12 years of protection.To achieve full protection, pay special attention to any visible sawn ends by applying 3 coats to these areas for every 1 top coat.

Demidekk Ultimate is a high performing exterior wood paint that offers superior levels of durability and protection against the elements as well as high levels of colour retention. Demidekk Ultimate promises up to 12 years of protection when applied to log cabins, sheds, fences and all other exterior woodwork meaning no maintenance intervals for up to 12 years, unlike many other exterior wood products.

Demidekk Ultimate is a water-based solution, best suited to providing a protective coating on exterior woods. It is an all-in-one product that will protect your wood for years to come, thanks to an antifungal ingredient which provides long-term protection against the degeneration of surfaces. It also contains a UV filter which further protects your exterior wood from discolouration and other natural effects of exposure to sunlight. The advanced binder technology gives the paint very good colour stability and long maintenance intervals. Containing effective film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the surface, the combination of high-quality binders and weather-resistant pigments protects the wood against sunlight and provides excellent weatherability. 

Demidekk Ultimate produces a rich, satin finish and can be colour matched or tinted to thousands of colours. 

Please note that in unfavorable drying and curing conditions the surface may yellow initially but will disappear after some time under the influence of light and UV rays. The phenomenon will not affect the product's effectiveness against surface fungi or otherwise impair the product's quality and durability. To minimise this short-term yellowing, when ordering Demidekk Ultimate in white, a plain HVIT base will be sent.

Applying Demidekk Ultimate

Demidekk Ultimate is easy to apply by brush. It has a rich consistency, drying quickly and becoming water-resistant very quickly. It can be applied directly to wood or as a topcoat over existing painted surfaces. We recommend applying over a priming undercoat of Jotun Visir Clear. We suggest applying 3 coats of Demidekk and if there are any sawn ends visible, we recommend that for every 1 top coat, 3 coats are applied to the ends totalling 9 coats on these areas for total protection.

Demidekk Ultimate Overview

  • Dry in as little as 2 hours
  • Offers up to 12 years of protection
  • Can be colour matched or tinted into thousands of colours
  • Suitable for all exterior wood
  • C&C disabled No
  • Weight 1.000000
  • Returns Policy As this paint is mixed to order it cannot be returned or exchanged. For more information please see our full returns policy.
  • Colour-match Yes
  • Application Brush, Roller, Sprayer
  • Product Application Brush, roller or spray
  • Coverage 7-12m2 per litre
  • Touch Dry 2 Hours
  • Recoatable 4-6 Hours
  • Number of Coats 3
  • QTY in Pack 1 Pack
  • Surface Interior Wood, Exterior Wood, Garden, Metal
  • Water or Oil Based Water Based
Customer Questions
Does this paint give a solid finish ?
Yes, Demidekk Ultimate is a high opacity wood paint. It will produce a subtle matt finish with a rich depth of colour.
How long does Demidekk Ultimate last?
If applied correctly Demidekk Ultimate provides 12 years of protection. It is a high performing coating thanks to a combination of high quality binders and weather resistant pigments that protect wood against sunlight and provide excellent weatherability.
Is this the same as Butinox?
Yes, Demidekk was formerly known as Butinox.
Can Demidekk ultimate be used on decking and would it protect for 12 years

We don't recommend using Demidekk Ultimate on the decking as it isn't designed for surfaces underfoot. We recommend that you use Demidekk Garden and Decking Stain instead which has been formulated to withstand being walked on and provides up to 3 years of protection.

What are the maintenance intervals between recoats? I live in the countryside but not an exposed nor a coastal location
Demidekk Ultimate provides 12 years of protection and is a high performing finish which means maintenance recoats aren't required if applied correctly.
Do I need to apply primer before using this paint? (To an old greenhouse..)

Yes, we would recommend Jotun Visir Primer first if applying to untreated soft wood, never hardwood.

Is Demidekk ultimate suit able for painting cedar wood and what primer would I require.. Is an undercoat required or will Demidekk go straight onto the primer.

Yes, Demidekk can be used on cedar wood. If your cedar wood surface is untreated in any way, we recommend priming with Jotun Visir before applying 3 tops coats of Demidekk. If there are any sawn ends visible, we recommend that for every 1 top coat, 3 coats are applied to the ends totalling 9 coats on these areas for total protection.

Can this be used on decking?

We wouldn't recommend using Demidekk Ultimate on decking as it isn't designed to be used on wooden flooring or decking but Demidekk do have a Garden and Decking Stain specific product that would be best suited for the job.

Can Demidekk go on previous painted surfaces
Yes Demidekk Ultimate can be applied to previously painted wood with proper preparation first. Demidekk recommend that previously painted surfaces are washed using a suitable cleaning agent before removing any loose paint or stain using a wire brush or scraping.
Is Wainscots colour a dark brown? Similar to Butinox 3 Wood Tar Brown?
Demidekk Wainscots is closer to black than it is brown. We can colour match or tint Demidekk Ultimate to thousands of colours including Butinox 3 Wood Tar Brown, simply enter this colour name before adding it to your basket online.
Looking to paint already coated hardwood windows. What process would you recommend using Demidekk Ultimate?
If the current paint coating is sound, not cracking or flaking, we recommend that you gently sand to provide a good key and then apply straight over the existing paint. If the existing coating is cracking or flaking, sand back fully to the bare wood before washing down with methylated spirits and applying the first coat thinned down with water by 10%.
If applying to the interior, totally untreated walls of my log cabin, is it essential to first apply primer or can I apply only Demidekk Ultimate? Is the product suitable for interior doors?

To achieve full protection we would highly recommend 1 coat of Jotun Visir Clear primer followed by 3 top coats of Demidekk Ultimate when painting the inside or outside of the log cabin. If there are any visible sawn ends we recommend that for every 1 top coat, 3 should be applied to the sawn ends making 9 coats on these for full protection.

Is Jotun Demidekk Ultimate water based?
Yes, Jotun Demidekk Ultimate is water-based.
Can Demidekk Ultimate be thinned with water?

Yes, Demidekk Ultimate can be thinned with water but we only advise this as the first coat for treated or hardwood. Jotun Visir should always be used for untreated softwood, rather than a thinned coat. In any case, this first coat should always be followed by two full coats to ensure full protection.

Can Demidekk Ultimate be applied to sound oil based exterior paint?
Yes, Demidekk Ultimate be applied over sound oil based exterior paint.
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