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What are paint sample pots?

Paint sample pots are small pots which allow you to sample a paint colour or finish, without the need to buy the full product. Usually recommended as the first stop when choosing a new paint, sample pots have saved many a headache in home décor.

Why use paint tester pots?

The most obvious use for paint testers is to let you see a paint once applied and dried within the space you are decorating. Paint can go through some dynamic changes during the application and drying process, so applying a small amount as a sample can waylay some of your decorating nerves.

Paint tester pots are also perfect for when you need to touch up a smaller area, but a full pot of paint will be overkill. This might be for a scuff on your corridor wall or for covering up repaired damage, such as a polyfilled hole.

Professional decorators or trades people may also find that paint sample pots are well suited for showing off options to clients and helping them to visualise what a paint or finish will look like on a surface.

How many sample pots do I need?

Depending on the intended use of the sample pot, you may need to pick up more than one pot. The typical recommendations for applying sample paint are the same as for a full tub, so that means you should be using the same number of coats.

If you’re using sample pots to help you decide on a colour or finish, it can be useful to pick up a couple of similar pots. This will let you compare swatches of the paints and save you from multiple online or instore visits.

Shopping at The Paint Shed

We have a wide selection of paint sample pots available, so you’re sure to find the right paint or finish for the job at hand. Our paint samples also come in a large array of colours, so click through to the brand you want and select the colour you're looking for.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right paint samples, we are always here to help, find us on social media or give us a call on 033 3320 2369.