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Transforming a home is as easy as a new coat of paint. If you are a homeowner or decorator in need of a miracle makeover, a lick of paint can inject a lease of life into any home. All it takes is  finding the right paint for your project. When it comes to picking paint, quality matters, which is why we at The Paint Shed stock only the highest quality trade paint. Trade paint is the preferred choice of decorators and professionals because it offers superior coverage and a longer lasting finish than regular consumer paint. So if you are seeking a quality paint that is easy to use and stays looking fresher for longer, opt for trade paint.

Now that we know what type of paint to buy, you might be asking but what about the brand? Just as quality affects performance, the brand of paint can also contribute to your finished look. Painting requires time, money and effort. So you want to ensure you get your paint and equipment right the first time. This is an important factor in producing a professional finish, or in creating your dream home. To help you prep for perfection we’ve collated all of the best and biggest paint brands into one easy to use, alphabeticalized area.

What paint brand is right for me? 

Well known paint brands are well known for a reason. Paint manufacturers make a name for themselves through their professional, reliable paint. So it’s important to us as stockists that we sell that  paint at prices the average decorator or home owner can afford.

The UK is chock full of decorating and hardware stores with limitless paint brands for you to choose from. What set’s The Paint Shed apart is our commitment to providing cheap paint that delivers in interior and exterior settings. We may trade in cheap paint brands but we never compromise on quality. Our unique selection of trade paint, specialist paint, designer paint, woodcare and accessories are sourced from trusted professional paint brands across the UK. 

Different Paint Brands  

With everything on offer it can be hard to pick just one! Which is why we’ve listed the qualities and characteristics of two of our best selling paint brands, to help you find your perfect match.

Johnstone’s Paint  - A trusted industry leader, Johnstone’s are celebrated particularly for their exceptional Matt Emulsions. Their interior and exterior products come in a range of colours and collections, with top quality options for walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. 

Dulux Trade - As the UK’s leading paint brand, Dulux Trade boasts a portfolio of 4,500 colours all of which can be made to order at The Paint Shed. Experts at interior paint, Dulux products offer great coverage, fantastic opacity and beautiful paint finishes. 

Paint Brands At The Paint Shed 

At The Paint Shed we offer an unparalleled selection of paint brands to suit every decorating need. With trade paint available in a variety of colours, finishes, surface application and price points, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Best selling paint brands at the best possible prices at The Paint Shed. 

Not sure which size?

Use our paint calculator to work out how much you need

Enter the dimensions of your walls, details of any gaps like windows and doors, and click calculate

Remember: It's probably better to have a bit too much than to order too little!

Tell us your wall dimensions
Wall 1
How many windows and doors are there in the area you want to paint?

This is based on a coverage of 10m² per litre of paint and one coat of paint.

Make sure you always check the coverage on the product page before purchasing and, if covering a dark or bright colour, you may need two or three coats.