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The right cleaning and preparation lays the foundation for a professional paint or paper application. It not only cuts down your time spend painting and fixing later it also sets you up for a high quality finish. No one, not even professionals look forward to cleaning, it's time consuming and tiring, but it is highly important if you want a paint job that will last for years. A little work now saves you a lot of time and stress later.

A Guide to Cleaning and Prep

If you ever wonder why properly preparing your surface is necessary, first ask yourself why it is we paint. The most common reasons are to preserve and protect the building fabric from external elements, to create a clean and cleanable surface free from moisture and dirt and for aesthetic design.

That said, this step is merely the finishing touch. Final application is the flourish, the real lasting work is done prior to this. To ensure that your paint finish stays looking fresh for longer, your paint needs to adhere to a clean, even and stable surface.

To achieve one takes meticulous preparation and a little bit of elbow grease, which will pay off in regards to achieving your desired finish. So now we know why this invisible, often undervalued step is of key importance.

So how exactly do you go about properly cleaning and prepping your surface? Here is a basic guide in how you should clean your walls before painting.

First start by dusting down your walls, use a dusting brush or cloth. Both of which can be found in the painting tools section. This will help remove any loose dirt, cobwebs or grime, while keeping your paint brush clean for painting.

Next remove any mould. The first and most important step in doing this is opening all windows and doors, this will ensure your room is properly ventilated. Which is also a key way to prevent future mould, which most often develops in damp, airless areas.

To get rid of any visible mould use a fungicidal wash or a 4:1 water. Saturate the wall completely and allow it to work for four hours before washing it off with warm water. Lastly, take off any old paint or wallpaper, and wash down the surface with warm soapy water. Take care to get rid of any grease stains or marks. Allow to dry and then you can begin to paint.

Cleaning and Prep at The Paint Shed

Good quality decoration relies on proper preparation. It’s important to remember that every coating is only ever as good as the one before it, so take the time to create a foundation for a seamless finish. Shop our range of cleaning and preparation products today.