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Wood Fillers

Wood fillers are perfect when you need to fill holes, cracks or scratches on wooden surfaces. Discover our range of easy-to-apply multipurpose wood fillers from Metolux, Everbuild and Timbabuild. Suitable for any project, our wood fillers last years and are weather resistant and quick drying. Fix any interior or exterior flaw in a matter of minutes, and enjoy wood fillers that can withstand sanding, nailing meaning they can be easily adjusted to your needs.

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  1. Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler
    Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler
    From £11.36 £9.47
  2. Toupret Wood Repair Filler
    Toupret Wood Repair Filler
    From £11.59 £9.66
  3. Metolux 2 Part SF Wood Filler
    Metolux 2 Part Sf Wood Filler
    From £9.61 £8.01
  4. Metolux 2 Part Pre-Mix SF Wood Filler
    Metolux 2 Part Pre-mix Sf Wood Filler
    From £8.21 £6.84

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A Guide to Wood Filler

Wood filler is a type of putty or plastic wood which is used on wooden surfaces prior to finishing. It’s made up of wood dust, pigment, a diluent and binder. Once dried it seamlessly blends into your surface, creating a perfectly smooth, coherent exterior.
Firstly, it is imperative that you prepare the area you are looking to fill. Sand inside the area and then clean off any dust, which could impede the filling process. Then using the correct tools (a putty knife which can be found in our accessories section) begin applying the wood filler. Fill the hole or gap completely, then smooth over the surface with a filling knife or blade. Follow by sanding your surface, once the putty is fully hardened and dried you can proceed to paint.

While often used interchangeably, learning which product is best for your project is the key to a great finish.

Wood Putty

Wood putty is a filler that is applied after staining or varnishing your surface, to avoid damaging the raw wood or timber. It’s an oil-based compound, that resembles soft clay. Wood putty therefore requires a putty knife for application due to its dough-like texture. Some putties harden on their own while others need a hardening agent. Wood putty is best used on exterior surfaces as it is less susceptible to the elements. Overall, it is more cost effective than filler because it lasts longer, however it does have a longer drying time and its penchant for acquiring dust can lead to a darkened appearance. That said, It is ultimately more versatile due to the vast range of colours available.

Wood Filler

Wood Filler is to be applied before staining or finishing your woodpiece. Wood filler is a superior option for large holes or cracks, as it is made to be formulated for different surfaces. Typically neutral in colour, wood fillers can be tinted or dyed to fit your surface. Best reserved for interior use, wood filler is versatile but lacks adhesion and is prone to shrinkage. Its greatest proponent is its fast drying properties, it will begin to dry in as little as 10 minutes after application.

At The Paint Shed we stock a range of high performance, multi purpose wood fillers from the biggest and best woodcare brands. With fillers for both exterior and interior surfaces you are sure to find exactly what you need. All of our wood filler products are pre-mixed and ready for use. Pick one up today to fill holes and imperfections, so you can provide the perfect paint job.