The Paint Shed is here to help you through the tricky process of choosing the right wallpaper adhesive for your home. Bringing you only the best in brands including Bartoline, Polycell, Solvite and others, you can ensure you get only the best products and prices at the Paint Shed. Just simply browse through our handy breakdown in the left-hand side, and pick your desired product, brand and surface to start your decorating project today. 


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With adhesives for wallpaper, borders and vinyl available we have everything you need for a professional bonding or filling job.

A Guide to Wallpaper Adhesives

Wallpaper paste and trade adhesives differ depending on which paper type you are working with and the surface you are working on. When considering what adhesive to use, it's important to consider whether your decorations are forever or whether you or the next tenant/owner will want to decorate again in the future.

The recommended strength depends on your timescale and the consistency of the paper. Printed or textured wallpaper will require a specific strength of adhesive. Instructions such as these are often provided with the product and should be followed where possible.

Additionally, if you are papering a newly plastered wall you will need to prep it first. Sealers or primers will prep the new plaster, to ensure that it does not soak up the adhesive. This priming layer will make papering easier and the bond stronger. You can find primers and sealers in our trade paint section. Here is a guide to our best selling adhesives:

Bartoline Border and Overlap Adhesive

This ready to use border adhesive is great for borders, overlaps and vinyl to vinyl projects. Specifically designed for fixing decorative borders to interior surfaces, it is simple to apply and allows the border to bond quickly and easily. This trade quality adhesive is also perfect for minor repairs, it possesses high grab properties enabling you to easily fix rips or seams and reattach existing wall coverings.

Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesives

This high strength adhesive from Polycell offers great results on any wallpaper. Its super smooth formulation, means that it is easy to mix up without lumps and can be applied within minutes. Perfect for interior walls, one pack hangs up to 20 rolls, offering great value for money. It contains fungicide that helps protect against mould growth and its ‘easy slide’ formula lends itself to perfect pattern matching. Shop today for perfect pattern alignment and long lasting results.

Beeline Wallpaper Adhesive Trade Pack

Beeline’s all purpose adhesive is suited to all wallpaper including; heavyweight, washable, vinyl and blown vinyl. It mixes in under 3 minutes so a smooth, even formulation that offers a strong bond and superior slip technology. Each pack includes 30 rolls, that’s 50% free!

Solvite All Purpose

Suitable for normal wallpaper and lining, this extra strong adhesive and sealant is suited to textured or blown vinyl, hanging washables and embossed papers. Its formulation is lump free and ready to use after 20 seconds of mixing. Like Beeline it also includes 30 rolls, offering 50% free.

Adhesives at The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed we stock the biggest and best trade paint brands, all of our products are professionally and commercially approved. We offer high quality trade products at a reduced cost, the best on the market, so that you can achieve a perfect and reliable finish every time. Buy wallpaper adhesives and high strength sealers today for a performance that you and your customers can rely on.