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Filler & Caulk

Browse through our fine selection of filler and caulks, these toolbox essentials are ready to fix and fill any flaw. Start with one of our Timbabuild starter kits or our premixed light weight fillers to renovate any surface. Flexible enough to be used on the go, the purpose of caulk and fillers is to conceal cracks and space, ensuring they don’t widen with time. .

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  1. Polycell Trade Decorators Caulk
    Polycell Trade Decorators Caulk
    From £1.61 £1.34 Was £2.02
  2. Toupret Ready to Use Filler
    Toupret Ready To Use Filler
    From £2.93 £2.44 Was £3.66
  3. Toupret Wood Repair Filler
    Toupret Wood Repair Filler
    From £8.20 £6.83 Was £10.25
  4. Red Devil One Time Lightweight Filler
    Red Devil One Time Lightweight Filler
    From £3.20 £2.67 Was £4.01
  5. Toupret Le Reboucheur Interior Filler
    Toupret Le Reboucheur Interior Filler
    From £4.76 £3.97 Was £5.95
  6. Metolux 2 Part SF Wood Filler
    Metolux 2 Part Sf Wood Filler
    From £6.79 £5.66 Was £8.48
  7. Polycell Quick Drying Polyfilla
    Polycell Quick Drying Polyfilla
    From £3.25 £2.71 Was £4.07
  8. Everbuild General Purpose Silicone
    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone
    From £3.59 £2.99 Was £4.49
  9. Toupret Extra Fine Surface Filler
    Toupret Extra Fine Surface Filler
    From £3.05 £2.54 Was £3.82
  10. Metolux 2 Part Decor Filler
    Metolux 2 Part Decor Filler
    From £5.72 £4.77 Was £7.15
  11. Toupret Touprelith F Masonry Repair Filler
    Toupret Touprelith F Masonry Repair Filler
    From £8.72 £7.27 Was £10.91
  12. Metolux 2 Part Pre-Mix SF Wood Filler
    Metolux 2 Part Pre-mix Sf Wood Filler
    From £5.80 £4.83 Was £7.25
  13. Tikkurila Helmi Furniture Filler
    Tikkurila Helmi Furniture Filler
    From £8.74 £7.28 Was £10.92
  14. Metolux 1 Part Filler
    Metolux 1 Part Filler
    From £3.92 £3.27 Was £4.91
  15. Tikkurila Hole-in-1
    Tikkurila Hole-in-1
    From £7.88 £6.57
  16. Toupret Quick Fill Exterior
    Toupret Quick Fill Exterior
    From £39.12 £32.60 Was £48.90

Items 1-32 of 34

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A Guide to Filler and Caulk

  • Caulk – Trade caulk has a vast range of applications. Primarily used by professional painters and decorators to fill gaps and mend cracks, it helps create a smooth, even finish for paint to adhere to. Trade decorator caulk is acrylic based, and provides a flexible, tough elastic rubber deal that is suited to ceilings, fixtures and units. It's flexible formulation makes it ideal for areas where movement is required. Dry within a few hours, our range of caulk products can easily be painted over.
  • Fillers – Trade fillers can either be multi purpose or surface specific. At The Paint Shed we offer fillers for interior/exterior wood and walls, as well as general all rounder filler products. For ease of use we offer ready mixed fillers that can fill gaps with one application, leaving you with a smooth even surface for paint. Fillers are easy to sand and can be painted over, they are available in a range of sizes and colours from the biggest and best trade paint brands including Polycell, Teamac, Bartoline and more.
  • Wood Fillers- For interior or exterior wood it’s recommended that you use a specialised filler. Our wood fillers can be used to fill holes, gaps and imperfections, helping restore your wooden surface to its original state. All of our wood fillers are ready mixed and fast drying so you can get to painting in a matter of hours. For first time use we offer a Timbabuild Starter Kit containing all of the elements required to carry out professional timber refurbishments, and neatly stores them in this compact and hard wearing case. This attractive and robust starter kit is ideal for a wide range quick fixes and repairs. It’s cost effective and long lasting, it holds everything you need including resin, adhesive, primer, sealant, filler and the necessary tools. Pick one up here.
  • How To Use Filler - Wood Filler is made from wood dust and binder forming a permanent, practical and heavy duty wood saving solution. Before applying fillers, it is vital that you properly prepare your surface. Remove the damaged or rotted wood using tools which can be found in The Paint Shed’s accessories section. Keep going until you reach the bare, unaffected wood grain. For small areas, sand inside the area, cleaning up any dust as you go. Once your surface is fully prepped, you can begin to apply the filler using a putty knife, cover any gaps or imperfections completely before smoothing off any excess filler with a knife. Once cured the entire repair area can be sanded, painted or varnished over as desired, leaving a guaranteed lifelong and invisible repair. After your surface has completely dried you can proceed to paint.

Filler and Caulk at The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed we offer high quality trade filler and caulk at competitive trade prices. Shop our range of filler and caulk today.