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The Paint Shed is delighted to offer Wondertex products. They really do know how to make sure your project is finished to a high standard, with the necessary adhesives, wall finishes and jointing products to help get the job done right.

Take a look at which current Wondertex paint accessories we have in stock and remember that you won’t find a better price than right here at The Paint Shed. For anyone who needs these products in a hurry, don’t forget that we have click & collect available so you can get you Wondertex products at your closest store.

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  1. Wondertex Metal Angle Tape
    Wondertex Metal Angle Tape
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What is Wondertex?

Wondertex is a brand which specialises in internal and external finishing products. The primary areas would include priming, sealing, drylining and texturing works. Some of their coving products are also ideal when trying to fix cornices and coves that need attention.

Why use Wondertex?

You can paint the biggest wall imaginable and spend hours doing up a room, but you know you’d get annoyed if any paint has gone outside the lines or not angled just how you wanted it. Wondertex products can help with this. The Paint Shed thinks their tapes and drylining products help with the little things that are often overlooked or brushed by quickly, helping you get a job finished just how you like it.

Are there any standout Wondertex products?

Wondertex is best known for helping with textures, be that when you want to use their drylining to smooth surfaces or use their decorative texturing on interior walls.

Products of theirs that we really like include their joint tapes, coving and surface sanitisers.

What is Metal Angle Tape?

Have you ever been painting and find that the tape you’ve taken so much time and effort to place just right simply won’t stay in place? Or that it begins to buckle while you’re in the middle of a job?

That doesn’t happen with metal angle tape. This is a tape which has a reinforced strip along the middle to help keep your tape in place. You may wonder why someone would need this. In most cases, metal angle tape is used when a painter wants to ensure smooth lines and direction on exterior surfaces or awkward angles.

It helps a lot when you’re painting the likes of arches, drop ceilings and splay angles.

Getting ready to paint

You’ve got some fantastic Wondertex products in your basket, and you’re just about ready to get going, but do you have everything to get the job done? Double-check that you have all the essential items you need to paint without the job coming to a standstill.

Please take a look at our cleaning & prep section, where you’ll find all the products you may have overlooked when choosing your paint. Ensure you have everything you need. And if you’re working on any surfaces, interior or exterior, which have a few holes or dents, make sure you have the right filler and caulk to prep with.

We also recommend visiting our tips & advice area if you’re painting a specific space or material for the first time. We have articles on how to make it easier to do any paint job and use your accessories correctly.

Aftercare accessories

Don’t forget as well that you’ll want to keep your brushes and rollers in good condition after painting, especially if using exterior paints which would be harder to wash out. Anyone buying new brushes here at The Paint Shed might also want to get some Brush Mate products. Their brush stores and vapour pads help prolong the life of new brushes.

Have any questions?

Need help with finding the right kind of tape for the job? Wondering what makes one paint better than another? If you have a question about any of the Wondertex products we have in stock, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the right product for the job.