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Specialist Paints For Interior & Exterior DIY Projects

At The Paint Shed, we provide specialist paints to ensure you have the right product for any painting project. Whether you need the ideal paint for kitchen cabinets, an anti-mould paint for high-humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms, or durable paint for log cabins in harsh weather conditions, we have what you need! Browse our selection by popular rooms and projects below.

Interior Projects

Exterior Projects

Garden Projects

Choosing the right paint for your project is crucial in ensuring that:

  1. Your paint correctly adheres to the surface you are painting
  2. The paint does not bubble, crack or easily peel from the surface
  3. You can enjoy the long-term durability and benefits of the paint - without having to reapply every year
  4. Enjoy the colour of your item appearing vibrant and bright for longer 
  5. You can benefit from the paints features, like enhanced durability, scuff-resistant, weather resistant or UV resistant 

To make your shopping experience easier, we have categorised our products for each room or project time so you can quickly and easily find the best paint for the job at hand. All of our paints are trade paints, meaning they are extremely high quality, providing you with incredible coverage, colour and durability. 

Selecting paint for exterior woodwork projects is crucial. It's essential to choose a product that can withstand the elements, providing UV protection and preventing moisture from seeping into the wood, which can lead to swelling, rot, or warping. For example, check out our decking paints, shed paints, cladding paint, garden furniture paints and pergola paints

Choosing a durable emulsion paint is highly recommended for high-traffic areas throughout the home as these offer scrub & cleaning resistant properties meaning you can repeatedly scrub the surface, wiping off any marks, stains or scuffs, without damaging the finish. So if you're looking for a paint for your hallway or kitchen - look no further than our range of durable paints