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Which emulsion is best?

Choosing the best emulsion paint for your next DIY project can be a minefield, with such a variety of finishes and brands to choose from. Our emulsion comparison table can help you out.

Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Vinyl Matt emulsion is the go-to for normal interior walls and ceilings with a modern matt finish. Vinyl Matt is perfect for those imperfect walls with minor flaws, the smooth non reflective formula helps to hide imperctions. Although wipeable Vinyl Matt is not scrubbable so avoid in high traffic areas where regular cleaning may be required such as kitchens and hallways.

  • Water based emulsion
  • Wipeable finish
  • Low sheen level 
  • Matt finish

Acrylic Matt Emulsion

A matt finish for interior walls and ceilings that offers a tougher, more durable surface than Vinyl Matt, perfect for higher traffic rooms which need to be scrubbed.

  • Scrubbable
  • Low sheen flat matt finish
  • Hardwearing
  • Anti-fade/anti yellowing
  • Mould resistant

Acrylic Eggshell Emulsion

Acrylic eggshell emulsion offers a low to mid sheen satin finish. Ideal for walls that need durability, acrylic eggshell is hardwearing and scrubbable including bathrooms and kitchens. Acrylic eggshell is also an ideal finishing touch to a room with mid sheen trims, woodwork and radiators. Dulux Trade offers additional protection for tough walls and ceilings with Sterishield and Mouldsheild.

  • Scrubbable
  • Low to mid sheen, satin finish
  • Hardwearing
  • Scuff resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Anti fade technology

Vinyl Silk Emulsion

Vinyl Silk emulsion is one of the most durable emulsions with a high sheen, light-reflecting finish. The durable silk finish is ideal for walls that may require regular cleaning and are prone to condensation such as kitchens.

  • Washable
  • High sheen finish
  • Fade resistant

Flat Matt Emulsion

Flat Matt emulsion, also known as Dead Matt or Absolute Matt provides a very low sheen chalky finish. The low sheen level is non-reflective which helps hide imperfections on walls and ceilings. Flat Matt typically isn’t washable but our recommendations here all have durable formulas with the exception of Little Greene Absolute Matt.

  • - Low sheen ultra matt finish
  • - Hides imperfections and uneven surfaces

Vinyl Soft Sheen

Vinyl Soft Sheen emulsion is a water based emulsion that sites between matt and silk emulsions. Vinyl soft sheen offers a durable, washable surface.

  • Subtle sheen finish
  • Washable