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Zinsser Perma White Interior Matt Tinted Colours

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  • 14-C-31
  • 08-B-21
  • 08-C-35
  • 08-B-25
  • 08-C-39
  • 08-c-37
  • 14-C-35
  • 06-C-37
  • 10-C-31
  • 06-C-33
  • 10-D-43
  • 12-C-33
  • 12-B-25
  • 06-D-43
  • 14-C-40
  • 04-C-39
  • 18-C-39
  • 22-B-17
  • 18-D-43
  • 16-c-33
  • 10-A-03
  • 00-A-09
  • 10-D-45
  • 02-C-37
  • 10-B-15
  • 00-A-05
  • 00-A-13
  • 22-C-37
  • 18-B-17
  • 14-C-39
  • 08-C-31
  • 10-B-17
  • 10-B-29
  • 12-B-29
  • 10-B-21
  • 02-C-40
  • 02-C-33
  • 06-D-45
  • 08-B-15
  • 24-C-33
  • 18-B-25
  • 20-c-40
  • 04-D-45
  • 12-B-21
  • 12-C-39
  • 16-C-37
  • 22-D-45
  • 18-C-35
  • 02-C-39
  • 10-C-33
  • 20-C-33
  • 00-A-01
  • 18-B-29
  • 24-C-39
  • 10-A-11
  • 04-B-15
  • 04-C-37
  • 06-c-39
  • 08-B-17
  • 10-C-35
  • 16-D-45
  • 12-b-15
  • 10-C-39
  • 04-C-33
  • 12-D-45
  • 04-B-21
  • 18-c-31
  • 12-D-43
  • 22-B-15
  • 04-D-44
  • 04-B-17
  • 18-B-21
  • 20-D-45
  • 10-B-25
  • 08-B-29
  • 20-C-37
  • 12-B-17
  • 10-A-07
  • 08-E-51
  • 18-E-49
  • 04-E-53
  • 20-E-51
  • 04-E-49
  • 06-E-51
  • 10-E-50
  • 04-E-51
  • 06-E-50
  • 06-E-56
  • 10-E-49
  • 10-E-53
  • 12-E-51
  • 12-E-53
  • 14-E-51
  • 14-E-53
  • 16-E-53
  • 18-E-50
  • 18-E-51
  • 18-E-53

Please note: Due to differences in computer monitors, actual colours may vary from those shown. These colours are only intended as a guide and it is your own responsibility to ensure you have picked the correct colour. Any paint mixed by us cannot be returned.

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Zinsser Permawhite Interior Matt is a high performance, long lasting finish. Self priming, this latex acrylic paint contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation. Perfect for use in homes, schools or commercial buildings. Perma-White is great for ceilings, walls, cabinets and trim, in any interior area.
  • C&C disabled No
  • Weight 1.000000
  • Returns Policy As this paint is mixed to order it cannot be returned or exchanged. For more information please see our full returns policy.
  • Colour-match No
  • Surface Interior Walls
Customer Questions
I can’t choose a paint from a website colour. Is it possible to purchase a tester?
No, The Zinsser Perma White Interior Matt does not come in a tester pot size. The Smallest size this tin comes in is 1Lt.
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