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Sometimes you need paint for a very specific purpose. When it comes to paint you can use for protective/preventative measures, Coo-Var is a premium trade brand that can help you in a pinch.

Coo-Var develops paints that are used on everything from sports pitches and roads to garden walls and art installations. Here at The Paint Shed, we have some of their most popular paints in stocks, especially if you need functional paint which helps with moisture control and improves safety for domestic and commercial buildings.

Take a look at what we have on offer, and see if any of our Coo-Var products provide the solution you’ve need.

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What is Coo-Var Trade Paint?

Coo-Var is a specialist paint range that leans more on practical use than decorative. They develop products which are used for maintenance and functionality.

For example, their solar reflecting paint has been developed to reduce heat build-up in roofs and internal areas. It’s a very precise function you won’t usually find from a paint brand.

Depending on the product you need, Coo-Var paints can be used on:

  • Felt Roofs (Coo-Var Solar Reflecting Paint White 5L)
  • A wall to block graffiti (Coo-Var P101)
  • A wall as anti-climb (Coo-Var Vandelene Black)
  • Damp walls to control moisture (Coo-Var Anti- Damp Paint)

When working with a surface you’re not used to, you’ll have to ensure it is ready for use. Unlike your interior walls that require a quick coat of emulsion to get going, the right primer or undercoat is needed to ensure Coo-Var products work as intended.

Why Coo-Var Trade Paint?

It can be difficult to find paint that has one job and does it right. That’s why we believe Coo-Var is a brand worth stocking. 

Many customers find their Vandelene Black anti-climb paint to be easy to apply and tremendous at working when exposed to the weather.

We also love how versatile their anti-damp paint is. While it does not cure the cause of dampness (not many paints can), being able to control it and leave a wall looking uninterrupted without any major discolouration is as good as you'll get with any paint.

Getting ready to paint

Some of the Coo-Var products in-stock will see you using paint in a new way. If you’re working with exterior walls and surfaces for the first time, we recommend visiting the painting tips and advice section. There you’ll find helpful articles on the preparation and steps needed to paint concrete, brickwork and masonry.

Also, you’ll need to have the right tools to get the job done. Having a handy accessory like the Rodo Wire Brush will help make prep work a doddle, while Rodo Blackrock Knee Pads will help a lot if you’re going to be painting low surfaces or on your knees to paint fences.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Whether you’re painting outside to protect surfaces or are looking to give dull walls a new lease of life, shopping with The Paint Shed is how you’ll get the best deals possible.

If you’re going to be using Coo-Var in tandem with other paints, we suggest you take a look at our range of masonry paint, with top-selling paints from Dulux, Johnstone’s, MacPherson and Sandtex.

Anyone looking for the best deal possible on outdoor paint should visit our paint deals page. We frequently update the section, and you’ll usually find a few offers on exterior paints.