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The Paint Shed chooses products which we believe provide the best value for customers across the board; not just from the paints we handpick but the tools and accessories needed to get the job done. That same principle applies to the sponges we use, and there’s no better name out there than Spontex.

Shop for Spontex decorator’s sponges at The Paint Shed and find out more about why we prefer their products.

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What is Spontex?

Spontex is a portmanteau of “Sponge” and “textile”. A bit like Ronseal, their products do exactly what they promise, providing reliable sponges which can last much longer than other brands. They were the first brand to develop cellulose sponge in the 1930s and are still seen as the best in the industry.

Spontex makes cleaning products suited to commercial and professional use; that’s why we recommend them for any job, whether you’re painting in a professional environment or merely painting and decorating around the home.

Why use Spontex Products?

We find that Spontex provides high-quality products for their price points. It’s the reason why Spontex sponges and scourers are a common sight in trade stores. The fact they’re made from cellulose as well also means they are biodegradable when disposed of, unlike many of the cheaper plastic sponges.

If you need to find appropriate equipment to prep or clean a space, please visit our painting accessory section.

When Would I Need a Decorator’s Sponge?

Decorator’s sponges come in very handy when you’re looking to prep for hanging wallpaper or cleaning larger surfaces. They work fantastically when performing tasks like cleaning tiles due to how much water they can handle.

Unlike an ordinary kitchen sponge, their size, shape and structure help you get more done efficiently.

Why Use a Decorator’s Sponge on a Wall?

They can help with cleaning, but also can be used while paining. You may sometimes see a decorator’s sponge dabbed on a wall after a coat has been applied, creating what is known as a stippling effect. Stippling leaves the wall with a dotted effect depending on how dense you want the appearance to be.

Stippling is often used in high-traffic areas where people brush by walls to help minimise the appearance of scuffs and scratch marks.

Getting ready to paint

You don’t just need a good tin of paint and durable sponge to get the job done. Any time you paint, you need to make sure you have all the right tools and equipment in place to ensure everything goes according to plan.

We always recommend that customers stop by our painting accessories section to see what items they may have overlooked. Double-check that you have enough dust covers, brushes and cleaning supplies before you start painting. If you’re not sure what you need for a certain space, it’s a good idea to visit our tips and advice section. You’ll find articles on getting bathrooms, ceilings, floors and anywhere around your house ready to paint.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed, we aim to give our customers the best value for money on all products we sell on site. That’s why we have a price match in place. If you find another UK store selling Spontex products, or any paint we have in stock, at a better price, let us know. We’ll try our best to beat that price and give you the best deal possible.

And if you’re looking for the best bargains for paint online, you’ll find them in our deals section. We add new products every month, so you’ll always find an unbeatable deal on everything from matt emulsion to masonry paint.