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Satin Paint

Satin paint is a popular choice in homes and offices across the UK. Giving you the flexibility to enhance the natural light in any room, while still able to hide a good degree of imperfections, if you’re looking for high-quality satin paint at great prices, you’ll find it here at The Paint Shed.

We are delighted to offer customers a range of top-class satin paints from brands such as Armstead, Crown Trade & Johnstone’s Trade. With both oil and water-based paints in stock, you’ll be able to find your ideal paint solution when you shop at The Paint Shed.

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What is Satin paint? 

Satin paint is made with an easy, subtle sheen finish suited to walls and woodwork. It is a popular choice for kitchens, hallways, living rooms and other high traffic areas of the home. Our selection of satin paints gets mixed according to your preferred brand, colour and the surface you are painting. Choose from oil and water-based satin paints, helping you work both indoors and outside.

Why use Satin paint?

Satin and silk are part of a family of ‘mid-sheen’ paint finishes, which provide a soft, polished appearance to walls and woodwork. The perfect alternative to a matt or gloss finish, satin works well in family rooms and hallways due to its durability. Satin paint tends to be favoured by home decorators and painting professionals because it is easy to work with and more forgiving on the brush. 

Its moisture resistance also makes it cleanable, easier to apply, and impervious to wear and tear. It holds up well to the weather and is resistant to chipping and peeling.

What areas does satin paint look best in?

With is being not quite dull and not quite shiny, satin paint is traditionally used in:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Public-facing areas
  • Kids bedrooms

Some people also prefer to use it on trim and skirting boards to avoid the higher sheen you’d get from gloss paints.

Do I need satin or eggshell paint?

You might find yourself unsure as to whether satin or eggshell is the right paint for your rooms. A general rule of thumb is that satin paints will be up to twice as shiny as eggshell. So while they’re not going to be highly glossy, you can get some minor levels of reflectiveness; a reason why satin is so popular in rooms like your kitchen where natural light needs enhancing as much as possible.

How much satin paint should I use?

Every satin paint product in stock provides details on how much coverage you will get per litre. If you’re trying to get as much coverage as possible from satin paint, make sure you have your surface ready with a decent undercoat or primer in place. 

How many coats of satin paint do I need?

You’ll typically need two coats of satin paint on any surface. If you want work completed as quickly as possible, opt for water-based satin paints like Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin White & Dulux Trade Quick Dry Satinwood Pure Brilliant White (colour options also available here). 

Don’t forget! Once you have found the right paint for your paint project, it’s time to prep your surface by ensuring you have the necessary tools and accessories for the job.

Getting any paint at The Paint Shed

When you shop for satin paint at The Paint Shed, you’re sure to find the right paint for any upcoming job. All of our satin paints are available in a variety of colours.  If you can’t find your ideal shade, just let us know, and we will mix it for you. We are always here to help. You can find us on Facebook, or give us a call on 033 3320 2369.