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Crown Trade Satin Finish Paint

As part of the Crown Trade range available at The Paint Shed, these satin paints can help anyone looking to tackle projects inside and outside the home. We have some of the best selling satin paints in the UK here, with some specially formulated paints, as well for those who want fast-acting and reliable satin paint.

Take a look and find the ideal satin paint solution for your upcoming paint job, and remember that orders over £50 qualify for free tracked delivery for Mainland UK customers.

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  1. Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin White
    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin White
    From £14.34 £11.95
  2. Crown Trade Satin Finish White
    Crown Trade Satin Finish White
    From £14.42 £12.02
  3. Colour Match

    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin Tinted Colours
    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin Tinted Colours
    From £20.05 £16.71
  4. Colour Match

    Crown Trade Satin Finish (All Colours)
    Crown Trade Satin Finish Tinted Colours
    From £18.61 £15.51
  5. Crown Trade Satin Black
    Crown Trade Satin Black
    From £17.74 £14.78

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What is Crown Trade Satin Paint?

Crown Trade Satin Paint is a small range of tough satin paints which are ideally suited for interior woods like timber & MDF, as well as metals. You’ll notice there are some different varieties of satin paint on this page, and here is some information on each:

Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin
One of the fastest working satin paints you’ll find anywhere. Works great if you want two coats on the wall in one day.

Crown Trade Satin White
The classic satin touch from a dependable white, which can prevent bleeding on the wall. Also can be pre-mixed to any Crown colour.

Crown Trade Satin Black
Giving special mention to the black version of the satin paint, as some black satins can show brushstrokes all too easily. Use this right, and you won’t have that problem, especially if painting on fixtures and fittings.

Crown Solo One Coat White
The ultimate time-saving satin, one coat is touch dry in around 4 hours and shouldn’t see you needing to do any more work.

Why use Crown Trade Satin Paint?

Satin paint can sometimes result in the user having to do a little balancing act between choosing a paint which provides a decent sheen but doesn’t end up like a duller matt paint which could easily show imperfections. We believe the Crown Satin paints you see here hit the nail on the head on offering decent sheen and coverage with a solid finish.

What surfaces does Crown Trade Satin work best on?

Crown Trade Satin Paints work very well on interior woodwork and metal surfaces. If you are painting skirting boards and similar fixtures, this could be the ideal solution.

For anyone looking to paint exterior wood, we would recommend looking at our wider range of woodcare products, including top-selling products from Osmo, Dulux Trade, Johnstone’s Trade & Coo-Var.

What colours do Crown Trade Satin Paints come in?

Most of the range comes in standard white, although we do have a special black satin in stock too, which works very well on metal. If there’s a specific colour you have in mind, we can mix your satin paint in most Crown shades. Just choose any product with a colour wheel to get started.

Do I need to do anything before I use satin paint?

To give your satin paint an opportunity to look its best, we would recommend getting primer/undercoat, which helps the paint adhere to the surface more easily. And with satin paint typically used in busy areas, you might want to opt for Crown PX Primer, a high-performance primer that can be used on any interior surface.

Getting rid of imperfections

About to paint a wall with holes, bumps, or scratches which you’re worried will show through after a coat is applied? Get your surface ready by buying some filler or caulk. And don’t forget to grab some cleaning essentials to help with tidying up after you’ve finished painting.

Get advice on how to paint

For anyone not used to working with satin paint, we recommend looking at our tips and dvice section. It has articles on how to paint different surfaces around the home.

If you are having trouble picking a product, contact The Paint Shed team, and we’ll help point you in the right direction.