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Crown Trade PX Primer

When painting any surface, it helps to have every inch prepped so your paint will adhere and provide the coverage you’re looking for. To make sure everything goes to plan, a reliable primer/undercoat will help immensely.

If you’re looking for an incredibly hard-working primer, the Crown Trade PX Primer range could be just what you need. Known as a tough acting all-rounder that primes almost any surface, shop for PX Primer at The Paint Shed. 

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  1. Crown Trade All Purpose Primer PX4 White
    Crown Trade All Purpose Primer Px4 White
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  2. Crown Trade All Purpose Primer PX3
    Crown Trade All Purpose Primer Px3
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What is Crown Trade PX Primer?

Primers are supposed to be something which helps get your surfaces ready for paint. In an ideal world, you could put a primer on any wall, let it dry, and be good to go. Sadly, we know this isn’t the case. You could have a surface that primer won’t take to, surface issues on walls that don’t provide adequate coverage, and stains which an undercoat has no chance of working with.

These are all issues the Crown Trade PX Primer range can hopefully solve. It’s an all-purpose primer which has been formulated to provide unparalleled adhesion. Crown promises that it will work on even the toughest of surfaces, and from our experiences with PX, it’s a no-brainer.

What’s the difference between Crown PX3 and PX4?

It helps to know that while these primers both promise fantastic coverage and adhesion, they do differ ever so slightly. Here are the differences between PX3 and PX4.

PX3 is a solvent-based primer which can be used on almost all surfaces. It provides solid adhesion with a solvent formulation, will block stubborn stains, and is touch dry in around 4 hours. 

PX4 is a water-based primer which works to the same degree as PX3, but due to being water-based, it has a much quicker dry and recoat time. You’d be looking at 30 minutes for a coat to be touch dry, and around an hour before you can recoat. As it is water-based, it is best left for use indoors, while PX3 is better for exterior priming.

What surfaces can I prime with Crown Trade PX Primer?

Both PX3 and PX4 can be used on:

  • Previously painted surfaces
  • Ceramic
  • Melamine
  • Wood
  • Non-ferrous metals

If you are looking to prime a new surface for the first time, we would recommend Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss

What colours do Crown Trade PX Primer come in?

Both versions of this primer come in a white finish. The idea is that you want your surfaces to have the best chance of taking white paint. If you know you’re going to be painting a specific colour on the wall, we recommend looking at some of the other primers we have in stock here.

Get ready to paint with The Paint Shed

Before using primer, make sure you have everything at hand to paint without interruption. Visit our Cleaning & Prep section, to get sheets, brushes and other important accessories. 

If you have more questions about primers or the PX products on this page, contact The Paint Shed team, and we’ll see how we can help.