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Painting Tools and Accessories

Find everything you need to decorate your home to professional standard at The Paint Shed. We stock painting tools and accessories that are designed for painters, decorators and DIY’ers alike. As you know, the right tools help you get the job done right the first time. Good tools are the cornerstone of any successful painting project, which is why we supply all the tools and equipment you will ever need to provide a professional service.

The tools you need for a decorating project can differ based on the job at hand, however to ensure you are fully prepared we recommend you have the following:

  • A variety of paint brushes - this is crucial for various reasons - smaller brushes are perfect for precision and detail. Angled brushes are perfect for achieving perfect lines when you are cutting in. 
  • Rollers and Frames - these will allow you to achieve excellent coverage and complete the job quickly and easily.
  • Filler & Caulk - these are perfect for filling and concealing cracks, allowing you to achieve the perfect finish. 
  • Sand Paper and Prep - prepping surfaces for painting is the perfect way to ensure you achieve your desired look every time. 
  • Decorating Tape - achieve crisp lines and prevent paint bleed everytime with painters tape!
  • Dust Sheets - if you're at risk of damaging furniture, carpets or flooring - you can never go wrong putting a dust sheet down when working on a painting project.

The easiest thing to do to store your brushes overnight, to avoid them drying out, and so you do not need to wash your brushes too often, you can wrap the head of your paintbrushes or rollers in cling film. If you do not have any cling film, you can also secure these in an airtight plastic bag. 

Firstly, if you are using oil based paints we recommend you clean your brush using white spirits or turpentine. If you have been using a water-based paint, opt for hot water and liquid dish soap. For brushes used with oil-based paints, place enough of the solvent or water solution into a plastic bowl or container to completely submerge the bristles, but do not dip your dirty brush directly in. Slowly stir the brush in the solvent for 10-30 seconds. Change the water or soluton as needed until all the paint is removed. For water-based paints, simply rinse your brushes or rollers under a tap until the water runs clear.   

Choosing the correct paint brush entirely depends on what you intend on using the paint brush for. If you are looking to cut in, we would suggest looking for an angled paint brush. Discover our range of brushes, we can guarantee we have the perfect range of brushes and decorating tools for any painting job!