Sometimes when buying paint, you want a no-fuss solution which can do the tough job of covering everything up without a hitch.

Here at The Paint Shed, we think Zinsser Paint can do just that. Their range of self-adhesive paints are ideal for both painting professionals and home decorators.

Stock up on their primers, All Weather Masonry paints and Stain Killers. You can also pair with other popular brands we have in stock, like Ronseal and Rust-Oleum, to get free UK delivery on orders over £75.

Take a look at what we currently have in stock and see if Zinsser Paint is right for you.

Zinsser Trade Paints & Primers

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What is Zinsser Paint?

Zinsser is a long-lasting American brand that is primarily used for quick cover-ups and to treat stained areas.

Their primers are also very fast-acting, with something like the Bulls Eye 1-2-3 offering a quick recoat time of just around an hour. In spaces where you’re pushed for time and need to get primers that get to work in no time at all, Zinsser paints can get the job done.

If you’re looking for speedy and high-quality undercoats, we recommend checking out all the primers currently in stock, including some fantastic paints from Dulux TradeCrown TradeJohnstone’s.

Why Zinsser Paint

Zinsser Paint is seen as something of a unique brand as they’re known as a “problem solver” paint. What do we mean by this?

Well, if you have a problem with a certain material or are trying to fight away the signs of decay, mould and mildew, there’s a good chance Zinsser will have the solution.

Common uses for their paints include:

  • Odour blocking
  • Sand-free adhesive painting
  • Stain sealing
  • Quick hard drying
  • Blemish free coating
  • Flake free coverage

Anytime there’s a problem, Zinsser might just be the solution. If you’re trying to figure out how to solve a paint conundrum at home, The Paint Shed may be able to help.

We recommend reading our how-to guides here, which look at painting interior and exterior surfaces, and how to use undercoats on your interior and exterior walls correctly.

Prepping to paint

Getting ready to paint doesn’t have to be taxing, just as long as you have everything organised ahead of time. It is essential to prepare your area, and you can’t do that successfully without the right accessories.

Luckily, we have all the cleaning and prep equipment you’ll need to have any room or surface tidied up and ready to work on. If you’re going to be painting over cracks or chips, make sure you also get some fillers or caulk, so you have no problems applying that first coating of Zinsser.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Don’t forget that we have a fantastic range of primers and undercoats currently in stock if you’re looking to ensure your paint doesn’t fall foul of peeling or discolouration.

If you want to know which brands also make great primers, take a look at some of the clear, white and wood primers from the likes of Crown, Dulux and Jotun Visir.

Looking for a bargain on paint like this? Then have a quick look in our deals section, where we’re adding new products every month.

And remember that The Paint Shed has a price promise on all our paints. If you see a better deal on any of the Zinsser Paint products we have on this page on another site, get in touch, and we’ll match that price.