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Crown Trade Gloss Paint

When working with gloss paint, you want a product which is reliable and hard-wearing. The range of Crown Trade Gloss Paint currently available at The Paint Shed fits that criteria and then some.

We are excited to offer a great variety of gloss products from the Crown brand, with someone for almost any paint job, be that for touching up joinery around the home, or giving metal fences a fresh coat.

Take a look at the current offerings in stock and see which Crown Trade Gloss Paint will work best for you. Please note, if you’re making an order over £50, it will qualify for free shipping on mainland UK orders.

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  1. Colour Match

    Crown Trade Full Gloss Tinted Colours
    Crown Trade Full Gloss Tinted Colours
    From £16.13 £13.44
  2. Crown Trade Full Gloss White
    Crown Trade Full Gloss White
    From £11.66 £9.72
  3. Crown Trade Gloss (Brilliant White)
    Crown Trade Full Gloss Brilliant White
    From £12.07 £10.06

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What is Crown Trade Gloss Paint?

Crown Trade Gloss Paint is a range of gloss paints primarily used in instances where you would like a surface to have a high-gloss finish. Within this range, there are paints which have certain features we think are worth pointing out:

Crown Trade Full Gloss
The most popular in the range, it ticks every box in terms of what you need from gloss paint. Available in white, and also mixed to order if you have a specific colour in mind.

Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss
When painting in new builds and using white, there is a risk of yellowing. This paint helps avoid these problems, and it is also worth noting that it is the only water-based gloss in the range, giving the user a faster drying time.

Crown Trade Next Generation Plus Gloss
A new iteration on the classic, this paint has quite good gloss retention over time and can give a great degree of coverage compared to other glosses. Some interior surfaces can see up to 18m² per litre. 

Crown Trade Stronghold Exterior Gloss Black
You would be surprised just how difficult it can be to get black glosses to look well on the wall, as they’re more prone to showing spots and brush marks. This exterior black gloss does a great job with fencing and fittings outside.

Why use Crown Trade Gloss Paint?

Crown Trade Gloss tends to see you getting a decent amount of coverage per litre. It also provides better flow properties than some other brands, which is ideal if you’re buying gloss for a personal/home project and wouldn’t be well versed with using gloss paints.

What surfaces do Crown Trade Gloss work best on?

Crown Trade Gloss works best on metal and joinery. If you plan on painting wooden fences and furniture outside, we recommend visiting our woodcare section.

What is the typical recoat time for Crown Trade Gloss?

Most of this range contains solvent-based gloss paints, which have varying recoat times. You would be looking at around 4 to 6 hours touch dry for most, but it can be anywhere from 10 to 24 hours for a second coat. You’ll be able to find this information under the More Information tab within each product page.

What colours do Crown Trade Gloss Paints come in?

These products come in white gloss or can be mixed to order. You’ll see when choosing a paint listed as All Colours the different options available. If you already know the Crown paint name or colour code, you can use that to narrow down your selection.

Is Crown Trade Gloss oil or water-based?

As with most gloss paints, you’re looking at oil/solvent-based paints. Only the New Build Acrylic Gloss is water-based, but wouldn’t be the preferable options for previously painted surfaces. If you are looking for water-based gloss paints, you can find suitable products from our main gloss paint section here.

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