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Armstead Trade Masonry Paint

A reliable and long-lasting masonry paint doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re looking for a premium level paint with options to use in locations prone to moisture, you’ll want to take a look at the Armstead Trade Masonry Paint we currently have in stock.

We have basic white masonry paint options in stock, as well as tinted colours when you’re looking for a specific shade on the surface. Have a look at the products currently in stock, and get the best price possible when you shop for Armstead Masonry Paint at The Paint Shed.

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  1. Colour Match

    Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Tinted Colours 5L
    Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Tinted Colours 5l
    From £37.31 £31.09
  2. Colour Match

    Armstead Trade Pliolite Based Masonry Tinted Colours
    Armstead Trade Pliolite Based Masonry Tinted Colours
    From £47.52 £39.60
  3. Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Brilliant White
    Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Brilliant White
    From £29.82 £24.85

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What is Armstead Trade Masonry Paint?

Armstead Trade Masonry Paint is a small range of paints developed primarily for use on masonry outside. It aims to give the user a smooth finish and decent level of coverage per litre (of course, this depends on the surface you’re working with). We feel it is important to highlight some specific features of top-selling paints within the range you should know about.

Armstead Smooth Masonry Tinted Colours

A very reliable water-based masonry paint. When working with any colour outside, you’re looking to avoid imperfections and cracks. With this paint having anti-carbonisation properties, cracking shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Armstead Smooth Masonry Magnolia

Magnolia is a very popular shade for use outside houses. With this paint being shower resistant in around half an hour, it is fast-acting and won’t let you down if you’re painting exterior walls and then the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Armstead Pliolite Masonry Paint

It is solvent-based, so won’t dry in as quickly as the regular masonry paint, but this has been specially formulated to help ensure the paint is resistant to moisture and any alkali attacks. The brilliant white is incredibly popular and is also available in magnolia and a range of tinted colours.

Why use Armstead Trade Masonry Paint?

You’ll find that after the first coat is applied, this range of paints provides a very decent finish. You’re also looking at a good degree of coverage per litre, especially if painting outside on the likes of roughcast walls.

How long should I expect Armstead Masonry Paint to last?

Armstead suggests that the paint will do you good for around 15 years, as it is resistant to normal moisture & humidity levels outside. If you’re working with new mortar, or masonry exposed to fumes, the Pliolite products would be a good choice.

What is the typical recoat time for Armstead Trade Masonry?

The Smooth Masonry paints can be touch dry in around an hour & recoatable within 1 four.

The Pliolite Masonry paints contain rubber resins which need longer to dry. If you’re using them, you’re looking at a surface being touch dry in around two hours, and ready to be recoated in around 12 hours.  

What colours do Armstead Trade Masonry Paints come in?

Brilliant White and Magnolia are very popular choices for customers. If you’re interested in a specific shade, products with a colour wheel beside them can be mixed to order. You’ll be able to see all available shades within each product page. If you are looking for deeper colours, our main masonry section has additional products from Dulux, Isle of Skye & Macpherson.

Do I need to do anything before I paint on masonry?

Masonry needs to be cleaned before you paint to give the best chance of adhering correctly. We suggest visiting our paint cleaning & prep section, where you’ll find products like mould stoppers, fungicidal washes, and wire brushes. 

We also recommend getting some Armstead Stabilising Primer. It will help seal up any porous or powdery surfaces to give your paint the best chance of adhering to the surface on application.

Get help when painting outdoors

First time painting on masonry? Please read our guide on How To Paint Masonry And Concrete Surfaces to learn how to get started.

If you need help finding a specific masonry product, get in touch, and we'll see how we can help.