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Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint

A reliable eggshell paint can be the difference between two coats for a job well done, and paint not looking quite right on the wall. If you plan on painting large interior surfaces with eggshell paint, you might want to consider Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint. ... Read more

We have a range of oil and acrylic based eggshells in stock, with a great variety of colours and tints, making it suitable for any space. Take a look and see which eggshell paint will be right for you.

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  1. Scrubbable

    Armstead Trade Durable Acrylic Eggshell White
    Armstead Trade Durable Acrylic Eggshell White
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    Armstead Trade Durable Acrylic Eggshell Tinted Colours
    Armstead Trade Durable Acrylic Eggshell Tinted Colours
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    Armstead Trade Eggshell Tinted Colours 5L
    Armstead Trade Eggshell Tinted Colours 5l
    From £49.63 £41.36

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What is Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint?

Armstead Trade Eggshell paint is a range of acrylic and oil-based paints, known by professionals to provide decent coverage per litre, a quick-drying time, good flow from the brush & enough toughness to take a few hits every once in a while. They are ideal for interior use, with different products suitable for walls, ceilings, trims & doors.

Why use Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint?

For the price point and coverage per litre, you’re looking at a dependable and hardworking eggshell paint. People tend to think of “eggshell” as meaning delicate, but you’ll find Armstead have formulated a paint which is good for high traffic areas, and something which provides good opacity on the wall.

If you’re planning on painting over a wall with discolouration, and have primed accordingly, even the lighter shades should cover everything up in a doddle.

What colours does Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint come in?

Armstead Trade Eggshell is available in White & Tinted Colours. The Acrylic variety of the paint is also available in this way, as well as a durable Magnolia finish which works well on plaster and masonry.

Is Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint glossy?

No. This eggshell range has a mid-sheen finish that won’t pick up light like a full gloss. If you’re looking for glossier tones, especially for painting on skirting boards and trims, we recommend the accompanying range of Armstead Trade Gloss Paint.

Is Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint good for bathrooms and kitchens?

Armstead Eggshell shouldn’t see you having many problems in the likes of your bathroom or the kitchen, as the paint can take a good degree of humidity. However, we wouldn’t recommend using an eggshell if you’re painting a room or surface which is constantly in contact with condensation.

Can I use Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint on radiators?

We would recommend against using this paint on radiators, as it has a low heat resistance and is not formulated for use on surfaces which get hot. If you plan on painting a radiator, please visit our Metal Paint section, which has some good heat resistant paints from Coo-Var, Dulux & Rustoleum.

Can I use Armstead Trade Eggshell Paint on exterior surfaces?

This range is best left for interior use. If you are painting wood or metal indoors, the traditional acrylic paint is fine to use. If working outside, we recommend a more defensive paint like our exterior wood paint range.

How many coats of Armstead Eggshell Paint should I apply?

You’ll typically only need two coats on the surface to get the job done. To help make things go without a hitch, it is advisable to get some Armstead primer & undercoat, which you can find here.

Helping you find the best paint for the job

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And if you are having trouble sourcing a specific product, get in touch, and The Paint Shed team will be happy to help.