When professionals are working indoors on the job, there are a few things they ideally want from an emulsion. They want something which provides decent coverage, will dry quickly, and always have decent opacity to minimise the need for multiple coats.

Ticking all these boxes is this range of fantastic emulsion paints from Armstead. Here at The Paint Shed, we have been stocking Armstead paints for a long time and find them to be great when you need to paint your walls and ceilings. 

Please take a look at what Armstead emulsions we currently have in stock and see which works best for you. Don’t forget; The Paint Shed has a price promise in place where we will not be beaten on price if you see the same Armstead products for a better total price from another UK retailer we will match it, find out more about our price promise here.

Armstead Trade Emulsion Paint

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What is Armstead Trade Emulsion Paint?

Armstead Trade Emulsion is a range of emulsion paints primarily made for use on interior walls & ceilings. It is known for how much coverage a typical can/tub provides, and for being quick-drying as they are all water-based paints. 

There are a few best-sellers in the range we think you should know a little more about, and how they can work in your home. 

Armstead Durable Matt (Tinted Colours)
A no-fuss interior matt that is scrubbable enough to be used in high traffic areas. With a recoat time averaging 2 hours, it makes the job go by fast.

Armstead Vinyl Matt (Tinted Colours)
Usually touch dry in around an hour, it’s hard to find a vinyl-based matt that works as fast and provides decent opacity on the wall. It’s also great on ceilings as well.

Armstead Contract Matt White
There’s a reason why this 10L contract matt is popular; you’ll find it difficult to get a similar matt white that takes to new plaster as well, giving you 15m2/l. Some professionals who work at speed will sometimes only need to thin the paint for the second coat. Also available in magnolia.

Armstead Vinyl Soft Sheen (Tinted Colours)
Ideal when you want softer neutrals, creams & pastels on the wall. It’s a good tinted option for bedrooms and living rooms. 

Why use Armstead Trade Emulsion Paint?

Armstead Trade does the job of getting to work fast and hardly ever lets you down. It provides good flow on the brush that helps avoid touch-ups and going over certain sections on the wall. 

With some of these paints also touch dry in around an hour, it makes it the type of paint you want on a ceiling to speed things up.

What finishes do Armstead Trade Emulsion paints come in?

These emulsion paints come in the following finishes:

  • Matt
  • Silk
  • Soft-sheen

For anyone who wants a higher sheen indoors, we recommend checking out our interior gloss paints.

What surfaces does Armstead Trade Emulsion work best on?

These paints primarily work best on interior walls and ceilings. Some of the products, like the Armstead Trade Contract Matt, are better suited for new plaster and painting walls for the first time, as it gets in there and adheres with a solid matt finish.

What colours do Armstead Trade Emulsion Paints come in?

The most popular choices for colour would be the white and magnolia varieties of this emulsion. Most products do also have a tinted or full-colour version available, and you’ll notice which they are from having a colour wheel beside the product.

Get help finding the right paint

If you have any questions about matt paint or need help finding a specific product, contact The Paint Shed, and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.