Farrow and Ball Railings

Railings is a softened black with strong blue tones by Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball Railings is a softened style of black which uses heavy blue undertones to create a striking, contemporary finish. The result is Railings modern emulsion — a modern take on classic colouring that allows you to add depth and bold colour to a variety of rooms in the house.

When you take a closer look at Farrow & Ball Railings kitchen paint you see it’s a unique shade which certainly offers more blue than black. This gives it a certain status and presence which speaks for itself in a variety of different light levels throughout the day.

To create the optimal balance consider pairing with the lighter look of Ammonite so it can lift and lighten the room without washing out the strong blues of Farrow & Ball Railings. Staircase redecoration projects, for example, will really provide opportunities for additional matching through neighbouring shades like Downpipe and Off Black. Alternatively, you might want to consider using a variety of lighter white tones to provide greater contrast. Using Farrow & Ball Railings front door paint paired with a light toned neutral would be an inspired look.

 To ensure the perfect finish, an undercoat is always recommended before applying Farrow & Ball Railings.