At The Paint Shed, we offer a range of Dulux primer and undercoat products to suit your budget and project, whether you’re working inside or doing some painting around the outside of the house.

Dulux primers and undercoats are thick enough to avoid drips while having a desirable drying time. These products also spread easily with excellent coverage. It is often the case that just one coat is enough unless the base paint is dark or you're painting on to bare wood.

View our collection to see if The Paint Shed has the product you're looking for. Remember, as leading Dulux Trade stockists, we offer the best possible prices with quick dispatch, free delivery on orders over £50, and click & collect from your local Paint Shed location.

Dulux Trade Primer & Undercoat

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What is Dulux Trade Primer & Undercoat?

Dulux Trade primer & undercoat are quick-drying solvent-based products which help you get an area ready to paint.

It’s always important to remember that while primers and undercoats are necessary for achieving a perfect paint job, they are different products. A rule of thumb to stick with is that undercoats can be primers, but primers can never be undercoats. 

Here is a little information on what makes Dulux Trade primers and undercoats special.

Dulux Trade Primer

Dulux Trade Primer does a tremendous job of creating a stable surface for whichever paint you need to use. Remember, your paint needs to have something it can bind to, and a good primer helps avoid problems. We have Dulux Trade Primers for all surfaces.

Dulux Trade Undercoat

If you’re going to paint over an older coat, the undercoat is going to be your best friend. Not only will it help prevent bleeding (that’s where the existing paint comes through) but it also prevents your surface from absorbing too much of your paint. If you avoid an undercoat, it could see you having to add one or two more coats on the job.

What surfaces do these paints work best on?

Within the range, you’ll find specific primers which work best on different surfaces. Some of these include:

  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • MDF
  • Metal

If you’re unsure which primer to choose, take a look at our range of specialist paint section which has products broken down by surface.

What colours do Dulux Trade Primer & Undercoat come in?

The majority of products come in a simple white to help make the paint you’ll eventually apply on top have a good pop of colour to it.

There are some specific colours too which may come in handy for your situation. For example, the Dulux Trade aluminium wood primer comes in a silver finish to compliment surrounding metals, while the likes of the Metalshield products have lighter shades if you’re working with metal and using gloss or satin paints.

You’ll also notice that some products, like basic undercoat and Weathershield undercoat, can be mixed to any colour you like.

Find the right primer & undercoat for your next paint job

If you’re doing a paint job at home and are unsure what to do, we recommend reading this guide on When to use Primer or Undercoat. Remember that you can check the full range of primers from other top brands here.

Have a question about the Dulux Trade products featured on this page? Get in touch and ask The Paint Shed team, who are here to answer any questions you have.