Butinox 3

Butinox No3 (All Colours) From £12.89 (£15.47 incl. VAT)
Butinox No3 (White) From £12.89 (£15.47 incl. VAT)

BUTINOX 3 is being renamed DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE  (
Summer 2015 sees a major rebranding exercise at JOTUN (the maker of both these products). After careful thought JOTUN have decided to rename BUTINOX 3 as DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE

Why Is This Happening?
The manufacturer realised, after reviewing its ranges, that these two products essentially did the same job. Both are opaque wood stains. Both have water based formulation. Rather than spending marketing money promoting both these products it decided it was better to simplify its ranges down to one name. DEMIDEKK, being sold worldwide, was the obvious choice of name

Will I be able to get the same colours?
Yes.  Coming from the same company means the colour ranges available are identical so if you have had BUTINOX 3 in the past you will be able to get exactly the same colours in DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE. our mixing machines at The Paint Shed are calibrated to make sure you get the same colour.

Is the quality as good?
Yes. In fact, if anything, DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE is probably a slightly higher quality product than BUTINOX 3 and that is saying something given the positive feedback we get from customers who have used BUTINOX for years and rave about its quality.

Will it cost any more?
No. We have worked very hard to make sure we are able to keep the price the same.

Great service

Ordered some paint from this company the prices where very good and they arrived the next day. Excellent service. I will be ordering more.

Claire pounder 24 Jun 2016


Fast delivery - good customer service

Kev Judge 21 Jun 2016

Second to none price and delivery.

Their prices are the lowest I have come across, and the delivery is exceptional with their overnight service

Ray Steele 20 Jun 2016