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Dulux Once Paint

Unless you’re a professional who has thousands of hours under their belt painting and decorating, the novelty of painting a room at home can quickly wear off when you realise it may take at least two or three coats to get the job done.

You’ll be lucky to find a paint which promises to get the job done in one coat, especially when you’re in a hurry, which is why you might want to get some Dulux Trade Once Paint from The Paint Shed.

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  1. Dulux Once Gloss Pure Brilliant White
    Dulux Once Gloss Pure Brilliant White
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  2. Dulux Once Satinwood Pure Brilliant White
    Dulux Once Satinwood Pure Brilliant White
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  3. Dulux Once Eggshell Brilliant White
    Dulux Once Eggshell Brilliant White
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What is Dulux Trade Once Paint?

Dulux Trade Once Paint is a mini range with two specific paints, which you’ll use depending on the job needing done. You’ll be able to choose from a satinwood or gloss paint, and here is some information on each one:

Dulux Once Satinwood

One coat paints are usually designed for working on materials and spaces which require lower volumes of paints, be that the likes of doors, windows and radiators. Dulux Once Satinwood is the less glossy option if you want a finish which has a slight sheen but nothing too overbearing.

With the matt needing to be applied as a thicker coat, you’re looking at coverage of around 12m2 per litre.

Dulux Once Gloss

An excellent gloss for interior wood and metal, but one which should be used carefully. Dulux Once Gloss provides a high-gloss sheen and needs a thick coat to look right. Such a gloss is usually reserved for smaller areas of work like skirting and trim, which is why we provide a smaller 0.75l can when needed.

With the gloss having a much longer drying time, at around 16 hours, it does mean you will need a next day check on your work. You’d expect to get coverage of around 10-12m2 per litre, depending on how well the surface takes it.

Why Use Dulux Trade Once Paint?

Who doesn’t want a paint that is good to go after just one coat? As long as you take the time to prep your walls and surfaces accordingly, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get away with just one coat.

Please note though, that we do recommend getting a decent primer if you plan on using the Pure Brilliant White on a surface which previously had an intense or darker colour. You can shop for primers & undercoats here.

Can I get one coat Dulux matt?

The Once range is best suited to areas you want to have a gloss finish. If you’re keen to work on surfaces with a matt finish and want a one coat paint, we recommend Dulux Diamond Matt, which can be used on interior walls and gives you around 16m2 per litre.

Find the Right Paint for Any Room

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