A good paint job is only as good as the tools you have to get the job done, and if you need ladders to reach new heights, Youngman is an excellent choice. They are one of the longest-running work at height equipment specialists, and we’re delighted to offer their products here at The Paint Shed.

As one of the more popular brands within our ladders range, Youngman is an established name amongst those in the trades, and anyone looking to update ladders that have seen better days to something new and reliable can do no wrong with a Youngman.

Shop the Youngman range and see which Youngman products work best for you.


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What is Youngman?

Youngman is a work at height equipment provider. If you don’t know what this means, it is simply any form of equipment you need to use to paint something up high. The most common example of this (some of which we have on this page) includes step ladders.

Other work at height equipment can include:

  • Extension ladders
  • Combination ladders
  • Loft ladders
  • Telescopic ranges
  • Roof Ladders
  • Step stools

A simple rule is that if you can’t reach somewhere with your brush or roller, there’s a good chance you’ll need work at height equipment to do the job in a safe manner. This is what makes Youngman’s ladders and height accessories some of the best around. If you’d like to get an idea of what ladders would suit your space best, check out our full range of ladders here.

Why Use Youngman Products?

Youngman provides some versatility in what is usually a very limiting area. For example, most brands will only make an extension ladder in one style. Youngman has aluminium and fibreglass ladders; ideal if you’re after something a little more resilient to being stored outdoors or in a wet area.

Many customers will be buying step ladders for use indoors. If that’s what you’re here for, you may like the looks of their stepladders and products like the Odd Job 600; a square stepladder that is quite common in the trade.

If this is your first time using a ladder to paint up high, or on a ceiling, please read this guide on the correct order to paint a room.

Getting Ready to Paint

Before you even lift a brush for the first time, it is important to make sure that you have all the essentials you need to paint.  The Paint Shed has everything to ensure a safe and successful paint job is carried out.

We have a fully stocked range of tool and accessories to help paint any room or material. If you are using Youngman accessories for your job, we recommend getting the appropriate cleaning and prep tools as well to ensure the area you’ll be working with is tidy and able to avoid any accidents.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed, we aim to make shopping for trade paint and paint accessories easier. We want to give customers the same prices and deals typically reserved for those within the trades.

If you want the best deals ever on new paint, visit our offers page. We’ll sometimes have Youngman and similar tools reduced to prices that can’t be matched anywhere else. In fact, if you find Youngman products for a better price on another UK site, we’ll try to beat that price and give you the best deal possible.