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Little Greene Pinks

Finding the perfect shade of pink paint is no small task, they range from baby pinks to hot pinks, and everything in between. So whether you're painting a children's bedroom or playroom, or a grown-up space like a living room or study, Little Greene has the perfect shade of pink to bring your mood board to life. Here at The Paint Shed, we stock the full range of Little Greene paints and sample pots, available in their entire colour palette including their range of pink paint colours.

Shop Little Greene online with free express delivery on all UK mainland orders over £50 and receive your pink paint the very next day. But before you order, we thought we'd run through our most popular Little Greene Pink Paint Colours.




Soft Pinks

Pink Slip

A warm clay-toned, light pink colour that's fresh and uplifting. It comes to life when used alongside contrasting darks, such as Cordoba.



A delicate soft pink, romantic but usable. This light pink paint colour contrasts well with dark colours such as Lamp Black for a bold yet inviting look.



A dusky pink with violet undertones, muted and classic.


Castelle Pink

A beautiful plaster like pink, neutral and warming making it the ideal pairing with warm reds like Nether or Arras.

Dorchester Pink

An elegant lilac-toned pink, famously used in the Dorchester Hotel.

Hot Pinks



A vibrant magenta colour full of excitement. Perfect to add a pop of colour.



A playful dusky pink, great for accents on furniture, trim and feature walls.



The brightest Little Greene pink colour by a mile. An arresting shade that won't go unnoticed however you choose to use it.

Pink Toned Neutrals



A grey paint with a hint of pink, Down brings a delicate warmth to an otherwise neutral scheme.


Julie's Dream

A light pink colour, based on umber which adds warmth without sweetness.



Masquerade Light

The palest variation of the Masquerade colour scales family, this light pink paint colour brings warmth to a neutral scheme without sweetness.



A warm off-white shade with just a dash of pink, super subtle.

Find Your Perfect Little Greene Pink

Our handy Little Greene sample pots come in 2 different sizes, one 60ml and pre-mixed in every shade and one slightly bigger tin at 250ml mixed in-store. Both sample pots come in the signature Little Greene Absolute Matt finish and will give you an idea of how your chosen pink will look in your home. 


If you're not sure pink is the colour you're looking for, we've also rounded up the top Little Greene colours to help you find 'the one'.