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Benefits of Durable Paint

What is Durable Paint?

Durable paints are specifically formulated to offer a  hardwearing, long lasting finish that can withstand the day to day life of a busy home, or even business environment. 

When choosing a durable paint look for the acrylic matt, this is a more durable formulation when compared to vinyl matt paints. Scrubbable paints typically come with a flat matt finish for walls and a low sheen eggshell for wood.

Durable paints are recommended for use in rooms such as the kitchen, hallway, high traffic spaces or rooms where pets and children may result in regularly wiping and scrubbing of the walls. 

Features of Durable Paint

Stain Repellent 

Stain repellent technology to create a protective barrier on the paint means you can just wipe the wall without the stain penetrating the surface layer of the paint.


Typically when scrubbing a stain off a non-durable paint you will experience some damage to the finish and/or colour of the paint, leaving noticeable patches where you have scrubbed. A durable paint has a scrub resistant surface meaning you can repeatedly scrub tough stains and marks, from pen to oily foods without damaging the finish. 

Scuff Resistant 

Scuff resistant technology within durable paints prevents walls from being marked or damaged by objects being hit or scraped against them such as shoes, bags, toys and furniture.

Anti Fade/Anti Yellowing

Durable paints will keep your whites white with anti yellowing technology, and your colours vibrant with anti fade technology, meaning less redecorating.

Other features available in durable paints vary by brand and product. Mould protection is a popular additional benefit which you can find in Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion, Crown Trade Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting Matt, and Dulux Trade Diamond Mouldshield. If you want antibacterial protection Crown Trade offers the Clean Extreme Anti Bacterial range and Dulux offers Dulux Trade Sterishield, perfect for healthcare facilities, kitchens and bathrooms. 


Recommended Durable Paints

  1. Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Tinted Colours
    Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Tinted Colours
    From £49.43 £41.19
  1. Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt Tinted Colours
    Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt Tinted Colours
    From £28.97 £24.14
  1. Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    From £63.00 £52.50
  1. Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    From £33.00 £27.50