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Cutting In Tips For Painting

When it comes to creating clean, sharp lines when decorating, we know a thing or two at The Paint Shed. You'll find lots of conflicting opinions and ideas online about whether you should or shouldn't use tape, if an angled brush is really required, or if all you really need is a steady, confident hand. 

If you're looking to understand how to cut in paint, find the best tips for cutting in paint or even the best brushes and tapes for cutting in, you'll find all of that right here.

How To Cut In Paint


Cutting in paint simply refers to painting around the edges of sockets, switches or the edge between the wall and ceiling. 

Follow our three simple steps for easy cutting in.

Step 1: Use quality decorating tape to cover sockets, switches and fixings or apply along the edge you plan to paint. 

Step 2 : Use an angled brush or a good quality regular brush to cut in neatly, along the edges of your area.

Step 3 : Once the paint is touch dry but not fully dry, gently remove the tape to reveal a neat line.


Tips for Cutting in Paint


Follow these top tips for cutting in and you won't go wrong.

  • Don't press too hard or your brush will spread and a neat line will be harder to achieve
  • Move quickly and confidently, if you hover or hesitate you're likely to get an uneven line
  • Use an angled brush for ease or if you're not a confident decorator


Tips To Prevent Paint Bleed When Cutting In


We've collated our top tips for using decorating tape to help with cutting in.

  • Use a quality decorating tape to help create the perfect line, Frog Tape Multi-Surface is a good all rounder but it also comes in delicate and gloss and satin 
  • Run a damp cloth along your tape once it's been applied to seal the edge
  • Press along the edge of your tape to ensure it's secure and there are no tiny gaps for paint bleed
  • If you're colour blocking, apply your tape and paint over it with the base colour to seal it before applying the colour along the edge
  • Remove your tape once the paint is touch dry, never when wet or fully dry