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Decking Oil: When to Apply & How to Look after Decking

If you’re thinking of preparing your garden for summer then tidying up the appearance of your decking is always a great place to start, afterall it is always looking rather drab after the winter months and can also become dangerously slippy if not properly taken care of. So you may be asking yourself, what should you use on your decking, a stain or decking oil and where’s the best place to start? Let us help you! 

Decking Oil or Stain, what’s the difference?

The main differences between decking oils and decking stains are the colours they are available in, they typically take their name from the strength of the colour you are looking to apply. For example, if you are looking for a clear finish then you’re looking for a decking oil, alternatively, if you are looking for a decking product that offers a pigmented colour to change the natural colour or appearance of the wood you are looking for a decking stain. 

When to apply decking oil?

We are regularly asked by customers when is the best time to apply decking oil? We typically recommend during Spring for this as it helps to prepare your exterior woodcare for the (hopefully drier) summer months. 

How to oil your decking?

    1. Prepare your decking - this step is crucial in gaining the best finished look as any dirt left on the decking will prevent the oil from soaking in and may ruin the appearance of your decking. To clean your decking we suggest using a decking cleaner, sugar soap solution, stiff brush or a pressure washer to get rid of any unwanted debris or moss. 
    2. Allow time for your decking to thoroughly dry before applying decking oil.
    3. Apply the first coat of decking oil - these oils are suited to quick applications as the oils are developed to penetrate the wood, therefore don’t need to be worked into the wood, a liberal, even coating is usually enough. To ensure a fair application, we suggest you apply your decking oil in steady long strokes along each individual board - avoid rushing as this may result in an uneven application. The oil will easily absorb into the timber, so avoid going back over the same section, or heavily rubbing oil into the wood as you may end up with patchy marks when the decking oil has dried. 
    4. Allow the first coat to dry
    5. Apply the second coat of decking oil - we always recommend you use less oil than your first application to soak up any excess with a cloth to help reduce drying time. 

What are the benefits of decking oils?

Our recommended brand for decking oils is Sadolin. The Sadolin decking oils do not just make your decking look great, they also provide numerous benefits to the overall health of the timber:

  • Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of wood
  • Provides advanced UV technology containing UV light absorbers which helps to protect against degenerating UV rays
  • Weather protection and water repellency
  • Helps to resist mould and algal growth 

What decking oils do we recommend?

We offer a range of decking oils however our most recommended products include:

  1. Sadolin Decking Oil 2 in 1
    Sadolin Decking Oil 2 in 1
    From £26.99 £22.49 Was £29.99

If you’d like more advice on choosing your perfect decking oil, or additional accessories, contact our knowledgeable customer service team.