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Decorating your fifth wall: ceiling paint inspiration

Choosing the right paint is the first step towards giving your ceiling a professional touch. Just like the four walls around it, a painted ceiling can do a lot to transform a room. Considered the fifth wall by interior designers, ceilings shouldn’t just be an afterthought. In fact a ceiling can be a blank canvas for creativity and experimentation. So whether statement ceilings or neutral shades are more your thing, The Paint Shed has everything you need to show your fifth wall a little love. Here are some tips and tricks to turning a forgotten ceiling into a decorating opportunity. 

Many professional painters and interior designers consider paintings ceiling an essential step of any room renovation. Painting your ceiling can make a confined room feel more spacious and a larger room cosier, it all depends on your choice of paint colour. The standard choice of paint for ceilings is to mix white paint with a few drops of water and whatever paint you’ve used on the walls. While this is a perfectly satisfactory option, there are other ways to get creative with your colour scheme. With the right equipment and this simple guide a superior ceiling is well within reach (if you have the ladder for the job.)

Bright Whites

Firstly, the important thing is to see this as an opportunity rather than a task. If you have a small house where design opportunities are limited a ceiling gives you more room to play with. White ceilings are a great choice if you want to open up your space. In contrast to coloured walls white ceilings effectively brighten and enhance a room. Different formulations of white paint will suit different needs. If you want to create a sense of spaciousness, the light reflective particles of Dulux Ultra White can add dimension to a room. Whereas Dulux Magic White Matt is perfect for a seamless, professional finish. In either white paint when done right can take your room to stylish new heights.

Play off the walls 

If feature walls or ceilings aren’t your thing but plain white feels too simple, adding a few drops of your wall colour into your white ceiling paint is a fantastic middle ground. Having different shades of the same colour in a room will add cohesion and interest. Alternatively, subtle colour blocking with a light and dark version of the same hue is also a great option. Try a bold combo like a pale blue ceiling and navy walls or red walls and a pink ceiling. The easiest option of course is to simple pick up one more pot of your wall colour. Painting your walls and ceilings the same colour serves a modern monochromatic look, especially if you match the furniture and skirting boards.

Wash of colour

If you are feeling adventurous, bold colours on the ceiling can enliven a room creating an interesting contrast. Bright shades like yellows, blues and reds envelope a room adding intimacy and warmth to a large space. Try to match brighter colours to a feature wall or furniture to balance your colour scheme in your home or room.

Don’t be afraid to go dark

Often people shy away from dark colours, particularly on ceilings, as they assume it will enclose a room rather than open it up. However, when used correctly darker colours can actually create the illusion of higher ceilings. Dark blues like Farrow & Ball's Black Blue No. 95 mimic the night sky adding an infinite feel to low slung ceilings. If you are dealing with a smaller room, try the trick of pairing dark gray paint with a lighter wallpaper. This roof raising combination will help create a high ceiling effect. Dark shades shouldn’t be feared, opt for blues, greys and purples for a warm, comforting and romantic feel.

Ceiling paint at The Paint Shed

So, next time you are struggling with interior inspiration don’t forget to look up. Now you know the importance and possibilities that come with the fifth wall, all you need now is the right paint, a little creativity and a lot of upper arm strength. 

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