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Tips For Getting Your House Ready For Winter



As the days start getting shorter and the weather colder, we begin to spend more and more time at home. To ensure that your home stays a haven in the colder months, it’s good to think about what you can do to protect it from the elements. A little prepping can go a long way to having a relaxed and carefree holiday season. And you don’t have to be a DIY expert either, we’ve put together a checklist of adjustments and easy fixes you can do now to prepare.

Fix Leaky Windows

The last thing you want over Winter is a drafty window. Sealing off any drafts now will keep the chill out of the air so your home can remain a cosy retreat from the outside elements. Having proper insulation can also save you from overpaying in heating bills. By not letting the cold air in your also not allowing the hot air to escape. There a number of way to fix leakages depending on your windows, including draught excluders, getting new windows fitted or for the easy option you can buy fillers, putty and sealants in our tools section.

Clear Gutters and Drains

It may not be the most pleasant of tasks but it’s an essential one for Winter. The build up of debris in stormy weather can cause long term damage if it blocks your drains. The strain can lead to leakages and water damage to your roof and walls. To minimise the risk of water overflowing remember to stay on top of clearing out your gutters and drains over the next few weeks.

Check your Roofing and Pipes

In the same vein, keeping on top of your roofing and pipes is imperative to not having to deal with a hefty repair bill closer to Christmas. Keep an eye on your roof to make sure that nothing is backed up and that all tiles are secure. Falling tiles can lead to household damage and injury, both of which are easily prevented with some prepping. To stop your pipes freezing over it’s as simple as covering them in a foam layer (lagging) and removing any built up vegetation, this will prevent them from bursting.

Secure Your Exteriors

This Winter is set to be a windy one, which means your outside space needs to be infallible to the elements. With temperatures hitting a record low its advisable to protect your exterior walls with  weather proof  paint. The Paint Shed stocks many options including Dulux Weathershield, Johnstones Stormshield and Sandtex. The right paint can help prevent mould and algae growth, keeping your exteriors looking great. Secure your shed, keep your car in a garage, and put away your bins, garden furniture, plants and anything else that could be swept away in the expected high winds. Leaving them out risks damage to your and your neighbours property. Lastly, getting household insurance is always wise in times of extreme weather conditions. Make sure your covered, and that your home is adequately maintained. 


Don’t forget the best part! Decorating is key to getting ready for the holiday season. Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your house that you aim to tackle, lights, tinsel, Santa’s and reindeer are all part of the festive fun. Or, if you want to go all out you can shop our seasonal paint colours here. If you have a fire, light it up or set your heating on a timer to create a cosy space all Winter long. For a final touch add a Christmas tree and a reef and your house will be ready for the holiday season ahead.