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Our Top 3 Kitchen Paints & The Best Green Colours For Kitchens

The growing popularity of green paint colours in the kitchen has prompted us to highlight some of our top paint choices and green shades specifically for the heart of the home. So whether you’re thinking about a wall colour update, or looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets, we’ve got you covered with some expert advice. We’ve also curated a list of the trendiest green paint colours so you have a shortlist of green hues!

Considerations Before Buying Paint For Your Kitchen Project

Choosing the right paint for your kitchen walls isn’t easy as you need to take various factors into consideration:

  • Moisture resistant - kitchens are exposed to high levels of moisture and condensation when cooking, this is an important factor when choosing the right paint for your kitchen walls as the paint needs to stand-up to high levels of moisture.

  • Durable finish - it’s typical for food to splatter on walls during cooking, especially around the cooker and sink areas. In case of spills, it's crucial to opt for a paint that provides durability, allowing easy wiping or, if needed, scrubbing without compromising the colour or finish.

  • The look you are trying to achieve - if you are looking for a flat, non-shiny finish then you would be best opting for a matt finish. Alternatively, if you are looking for a higher-sheen level you may be best considering a satin or eggshell finish. This choice regularly comes down to personal preference.

  • Price - last but by no means least is price. This will be a key factor in your choice of paint. We do recommend you consider the longevity of your paint, alongside price, as a durable and scrubbable trade paint

may cost more initially however this will not need to be touched up as regularly as a cheaper, retail, non-durable paint.


Our Top 3 Paints For Kitchen Walls


Crown Trade Clean Extreme

This paint is perfect for kitchen walls thanks to its hard-wearing formula meaning you can repetitively clean your wall without compromising the colour or finish.

  1. Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt Tinted Colours
    Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt Tinted Colours
    From £28.97 £24.14

Little Greene Intelligent Matt

This washable paint is perfect for high-traffic areas of the home, like the kitchen. As it has a low sheen of 5%, it allows you to benefit from a practical paint which also provides a great depth of colour. 

  1. Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    From £33.00 £27.50

Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion

Enjoy a super-tough finish that offers a scuff-proof finish that can be washed clean and also provides protection against mould. This paint is also perfect in moisture prone kitchens, so you don’t need to worry about the humidity from cooking.

  1. Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    From £63.00 £52.50

If you’re looking to paint your kitchen cabinets, rather than walls, then discover our article on the best paints for kitchen cabinets or read our tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets so you can enjoy a scuff-free, long-lasting, durable finish that you’ll be proud of.

Top 5 Green Paint Colours For Kitchen Walls & Kitchen Cabinets

Little Greene - Jewel Beetle. This is a deep green paint shade which can add extra sophistication to your kitchen.

Craig & Rose - Otillie. This hue beautifully captures the essence of a lush garden, a savoury green tone with a powdery softness which creates a sense of tranquility and elegance.

Farrow & Ball - Green Smoke. A deep green which gives off an inviting deepness and weathered familiarity. 

Dulux Trade - Fresh SageA light sage green is a versatile favourite in kitchens, perfect for both walls and kitchen cabinets.

Little Greene - Windmill LaneThis muter green is a sophisticated tone that perfectly compliments wooden worktops and floors.



If you’re still unsure, contact our team for expert advice or discover more kitchen paints online today and enjoy free next day delivery on orders over £50.