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A Guide To The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor


Have you ever wanted to take the guesswork out of painting? Dulux Trade's Colour Sensor is the perfect match for professionals and homeowners. Simply scan a colour and get a Dulux colour match in seconds. It’s the palette in your pocket you’ve always needed. Read on to find out more about Dulux’s exciting new product, and why we think it is worth the investment.

Why do you need it?

Dulux Colour Sensor is the professional colour matching tool you have always needed, not only is it highly accurate, it’s also easy to use, simply sync with the Dulux Trade app and you are ready to go. Ideal for touch up’s and selective customers, it allows you as a professional or home decorator to perfectly colour match every time. Paint is ever-changing, and one colour doesn’t stay the same forever. Paint pigments fade, often lightening over time, which means before Dulux’s Colour Sensor, touch up could be tricky. Their colour matching tool matches to what the colour is now rather than what it was, saving you the time and money wasted on a complete overhaul.

How will it benefit you as a professional?

The human eye is only so accurate, getting the colour right can be hard. This is where the colour sensor shines. Alistair McAuley, the managing director of Dulux’s parent AkzoNobel UK, said: “our colour sensor is the best friend a decorator can have in their pocket at work every day.” Being able to colour match on the go with complete confidence, helps prove professionalism, win more business and ensure a happy customer every time. It costs less than other scanners and gives you a guaranteed edge over competitors. “It is the culmination of a significant investment to make decorators’ working lives more efficient,” added Karen Wilkinson of Dulux Trade Marketing.

How does it work?

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor follows a simple three-step process: Scan, Save, Visualise. The first of its kind in the UK, it’s set to transform the decorating process. All you need do is scan the desired colour, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a flower, a piece of clothing or even a magazine. This then syncs up on the Dulux app to give you a range of the company’s matching paints. With more than 1,200 shades available, it does the leg work for you. Not only that, it also shows you rooms decorated in your newly discovered colour so you can visualise the outcome. This is part of the Dulux Promise, whereby Dulux pledge to deliver the correct colour, otherwise, you can get your money back in vouchers. You can also easily browse an archive of palettes, matching colours and colour schemes suited to your scanned colour. The Dulux Colour Sensor is as portable as it is powerful, weighing only 17 grams it’s suitable to keep in a wallet or pocket. The battery lasts for 3000 scans and it is easily rechargeable.

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is a perfect match for professionals and must-have for artists, architects, designers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone else inspired by colour. This real-life eyedropper tool is a fun, compact solution to getting the colour right every time. Buy today at The Paint Shed!