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How To Avoid Decorating Disasters


The arrival of Summer means the evenings are drawing out, and with warmer weather and holidays always just around the corner, it’s a tempting time to get some things ticked off your ‘to do’ list around the house.

However, the truth is DIY is not everyone’s forte, and what starts as a well-meant home improvement project can sometimes turn into a complete mess. In a survey carried out last year, one in ten homeowners admitted to botching a home improvement project. Worse than that, the Co-Op Insurance survey found it cost £2271 on average to rectify our big DIY disasters.

So how can you avoid those costly DIY slip ups?

Trade up to better quality

Opacity refers to the ability of a coat of paint, to hide the substrate, the wall beneath, or the previous coat of paint from view. Retail paint can have a poor opacity and therefore once the job is finished, what is underneath may show through. Trade paint however, has superior opacity and will give you total coverage. Painters and decorators use trade paint to get the best results for their clients, trust the experts choice. At The Paint Shed we have a vast range of trade paints at an unbeatable price, explore our range today and trade up to trade paint.

Colour matching

Getting the right colour is a conundrum – get it wrong and you could be left regretting ever picking up the paint brush. To get the exact colour you want for your walls, make use of our colour matching technology. Come into one of our stores and we will mix your paint up to match your desired colour. Get the right colour, every time at The Paint Shed.

Avoiding mishaps

You may well want to bash on with your job but taking a few sensible precautions could save you from injury or incident. For instance, does your ladder have rubber soles to stop it slipping while you’re painting? Of course, you don’t want to get paint on that new carpet either. Do you have dust sheets down?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Getting good advice at the start is key to any successful project. At The Paint Shed our paint experts are always on hand to help you find out exactly what it is you need to complete your job.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when you’re looking to decorate. You often try to rush it, don’t use the right products and before you know it, you’ve ruined your wall and are worse off than when you started. Don’t be afraid to seek out advice and support from the experts. Our specialists have the knowledge to ensure you can do a top-notch job.

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