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How To Choose The Right Paint



From emulsions for walls to marine paint and wood stain to gloss, we offer a huge range of paints and primers. With so many brands and finishes to choose from, we often get asked what’s difference between the different types of products, so here’s what you need to help you choose the right paint for your requirements.

Water-based (acrylics) are your friend

In most cases, painters will choose a flat acrylic paint for the ceiling, a low-sheen acrylic for the walls and a semi-gloss or gloss acrylic for the woodwork.

Acrylic paints have a number of advantages over oil-based enamels. Drips and splashes can be removed with a wipe-over with a damp cloth. And when you're finished, paint brushes can be cleaned up in water. Acrylic paints give off almost no fumes when applied, they dry faster and usually cost less. Oil-based enamel paints can sometimes offer better durability and are often used  for high quality work, but for most DIY paint jobs, it's hard to beat acrylics.

Flat finishes

Matt paint offers a glare-free finish and helps to hide minor imperfections. It's easy to apply and is the best choice for ceilings, and walls in low-traffic areas.

Satin finishes

A satin finish paint (or eggshell) provides a very soft sheen. It combines the most of the characteristics  of flat matt paint with the washability of a semi-gloss. It is perfect for walls in high-traffic areas that need to be wiped clean regularly. Most of these paints are also appropriate for areas that are susceptible to condensation e.g. kitchens, bathrooms.

Semi gloss

Semi-gloss paint is a little more difficult to apply than flat and soft-sheen products, but provides an easily washable surface. It's usually used on doors, trim, window sills etc., and also in kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture resistance and washability are important.

High gloss

High gloss paint is very reflective, which means it will show any flaws and defects in the surface. You'll therefore need to be very careful about surface preparation. You also need to take care in how you apply the paint so that you end up with an even surface. The advantage of high-gloss is its resistance to grease and moisture, which means it is very easy to keep clean.


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