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How to mist coat 

After completing the plastering work, the next step is to patiently wait before applying a fresh coat of paint in your desired colour. This waiting period can vary, spanning from a few days to a maximum of 2-4 weeks, depending on the size and thickness of the plastered area. However, painting new plaster isn’t the same process as painting over an existing colour on your wall, this is because painting over new dry plaster requires a sealing layer. This layer is known as a mist coat. If need be, you can add a second or even third coat to make sure your plaster is adequately sealed. The mist coating process isn’t simply a case of putting on a new coat of emulsion, so let us explain the importance of a mist coat and how it is achieved. 


Why Mist Coat?

We always recommend applying a mist coat because skipping this step can lead to quite disastrous consequences. For example, painting directly onto plaster can cause paint to flake, crack and more. This happens because your plaster is not fully dry, and even when it is, the paint traps moisture between the plaster and the paint which negatively impacts the adhesive process and causes the paint to flake off, or bubble at a later date. Finally, plaster is also porous which means it can result in the paint being absorbed, which is best to avoid!

How To Correctly Make & Apply Mist Coat To Dry Plaster?

All you simply need to do is mix your contract emulsion, like Macpherson Eclipse or a Contract Matt, with water. A contract matt is particularly useful for mist coating as this is microporous, letting moisture out but not letting any additional moisture in. We’d recommend no more than 10% thinning. This then soaks into the plaster to create a bond, acting like a primer and is perfect for getting your plaster ready for the top coat. When applying your mist coat, you have the choice of using a sprayer, roller or brush.. Remember as your mist coat is watered down there will be a lot more splatters and mess - so be sure to put down dust sheets. 

Best Paints For Mist Coating New Plastered Walls?

Our best paints for mist coating are:

  1. Macpherson Eclipse Emulsion 
  2. Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt
  3. The Paint Shed Contract Matt 10L (In-store only)


If you have any further questions on mist coating, contact us! Our best advice would be to always read the instructions on the tin for how to achieve the best results when it comes to getting the correct water to paint ratio, stir thoroughly with water and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! 

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