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How To Use Osmo Polyx Oil In 10 Simple Steps

Osmo Polyx Oil enables wood surfaces to retain their natural character and beauty for longer. By perfectly combining the benefits of both oils and waxes it provides a hard wearing, durable and reliable finish for flooring and furniture. Osmo Polyx Oil offers a tried and trusted woodwork solution that’s ideal for interior use. In this blog we will take you through how to use Osmo Polyx Oil in 10 simple steps.

What is Osmo Polyx Oil?

Osmo Polyx Oil is a versatile, durable hard-wax oil which forms part of the Osmo oil range of products. If you are seeking to keep your new wood flooring in peak condition, you will need to finish it with a protective coating. Natural hard wax oils are excellent option for preserving the character and quality of the wood. The most popular of which is Osmo Polyx Oil. Osmo Polyx Oil is a solvent based premium grade wood finish.

What You Will Need For Application

How To Apply Osmo Polyx Oil 

Start by preparing your area, ensure that the room is fully ventilated and any obstructions are removed. You can then begin by removing any traces of previous finishes.

> Oiled surfaces should be rubbed down with meth and then fully cleaned

> Pre-painted, varnished or waxed surfaces should be stripped back with a suitable varnish, stripper or remover

> Repair any dents, holes or scratches.

 You need to  expose the clean, bare wood for maximum results. Follow by cleaning your surface using your brush or hoover. It’s important to remove any dust or dirt before you begin painting, do the same for the skirting board

  1. First, it’s advised that you apply a test area. This helps to work out drying times and warn of any undesirable effects. If you're satisfied that your surface is fully prepped it’s time to begin painting!
  2. Begin painting on your floor. With no need for thinning (Osmo Polyx Oil is supplied ready to use) all you need to do is stir the pot well and you can begin application. 
  3. Apply the oil with a firm and fine bristle brush, dip it into the paint being careful not to overfill it and then brush it evenly along the wood grain. Remove any surplus with a lint free cloth as you go.
  4. Now to begin coating the floor, pour the oil a few centimetres deep into the flat tray. 
  5. Dab in your floor brush and start application in the furthest point from the door. Brushing outwards along the grain of wood. Continue until the entire floor is covered.
  6. After applying the first coat leave to dry for 8-10 hours
  7. Following which the second coat can be applied, repeat the same drying process.
  8. While waiting you can work on cleaning the brushes, this is easily done using a white spirit or Osmo’s own brush cleaner.
  9. To maintain the enhanced appearance of the wood, thorough aftercare is advised. For daily maintenance opt for dry duster, floor mop or hoover. Deeper cleaning and the removal of scuffs will require an Osmo cleaner.
  10. Lastly, if required areas can be easily retreated or repaired with a thin coat of Osmo Polyx Oil

If you have any more questions about Osmo Polyx Oil application, do not hesitate to get in touch