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How To Use The Timbabuild Repair System


Do you want to know how to provide a cost-effective and long-lasting timber repair solution? Timbabuild has developed a simple and effective repair system. Timbabuild's products are designed to ensure decorators and home owners can repair rather than replace. The Paint Shed we have put together a handy guide on how to use Timbabuild's money saving fix like pro. Suited to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this guide is an introduction to The Paint Sheds free Timbabuild training workshop on Wednesday 28 August. Come along if you want to become an approved Timbabuild contractor or if you simple want to learn a handy new skill!

A Brief History of  Timbabuild

Timbabuild is a timber repair system manufactured by Chemfix Products Ltd, a giant in the DIY sector. It offers a complete range of products intended to enable cost-effective timber repairs to be carried out. This fast no fuss solution was created in 1998 to meet the demand for a high quality, durable wood repair product. One which could work for both large scale renovation and home repair projects. Its development saved City Councils thousands of pounds in revamps, as instead of replacing old decaying timber doors, windows and structures they could simply repair them.  Since then Chemfix's Timbabuild has gone on to become a trade favourite

So how does Timbabuild work?

Timbabuild is a permanent, practical and tough timber saving solution. It’s a system that allows professionals to preserve the appearance of buildings and homes, by conserving the original timbers both quickly and professionally.

Instead of the old ways of fixing, stopping, gluing and splicing; which is often more time consuming and laborious than it is effective. The Timbabuild long lasting timber solution ensures that you won’t have to repeat repairs or ever cede to complete replacement. Instead with the use of best practice of the Timbabuild System, you can complete repairs that would be otherwise impossible with the old methods. Not only that, you can stop rot and decay long before it even happens. It's  preventative elements, keep your timber protected and future proofed.

How do I get started?

The Paint Shed offers a wonderful Timbabuild Starter kit made up of all the key components of any timber repair project. This 12 piece set has everything you will need neatly stored in a hand wearing, hand made carrier.

All you need to do is...

1.Remove the damaged or rotted wood using tools which can be found in The Paint Shed’s accessories section. Keep going until you reach the bare, unaffected wood. Proceed to treat with Timbabuild EWS.

2.Apply Timbabuild into the repair area. The thixotropic nature  of Timbabuild products ensures that they can be used in either horizontal or vertical applications. Smooth to a finish.

3.Once cured the entire repair area can be sanded, painted or varnished over as desired, leaving a guaranteed lifelong and invisible repair.

So, whether you are contracting or a DIY buff, Timbabuild repairs are quick and easy to use. Their 50-year guarantee ensures repairs are professional and even stronger than the original wood.