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Paint Colour Inspirations

Here at The Paint Shed we love inspiring homeowners to get creative with their painting. Design a bold kitchen, an awe inspiring living room or a calm and inviting bedroom with our interior paint ideas. Whatever your decorating style, we have all the paint and accessories you’ll need to turn your house into a home. Get inspired with our kitchen, bedroom, living room and hallway colour schemes below. Shop Britains best and biggest trade paints brands including Dulux Trade, Farrow and Ball and Elle Decoration by Crown at The Paint Shed to get started today.

Choosing the Right Paint Colour

Paint is personal, particularly when it comes to picking the colours that will fit your home and your lifestyle. Colours can convey a sense of style, a glimpse of your personality and set the tone for different moods in different rooms. Picking the right shades for your home is no easy feat, but it is made a lot easier with The Paint Shed’s colour finder tool, simply select your surface, desired finish and we’ll match you with your perfect shade. When it comes to picking paint, personal taste is only one factor, depending on the room that you are painting other considerations such as durability, coverage and whether the paint compliments the rest of your home will also come into play. To learn more about how to choose the right paint look at our tips and advice page. Read on for paint colour recommendations according to each room of your house.

Paint Colours for Kitchens

When selecting a colour palette for your home a good place to start is the kitchen. Kitchen’s are the heart of any home, they tend to be busier than other areas with the most day to day traffic. The colour that you paint your kitchen will set the tone for the rest of your house, so you should aim to pick a colour that you really like, that will also wear well. When picking your paint choose one that is washable and strain resistant, we recommend a high gloss or semi gloss finish for increased durability.

For the perfect kitchen colour, convention tells us that warm neutrals and bright tones are the best choice, as these shades make both the cook and diners feel more comfortable. So if you’re a keen host or hostess, sticking to whites, creams and pastels may be your best bet. Where as if you fancy yourself a bit of a chef, yellow tones are proven to be great for boosting appetites and enhancing energy levels. Yellow walls are also a wonderful accompaniment to kitchens with a lot of natural sunlight. If you struggle in the morning, having breakfast in a bright and sunny kitchen just might be what you need to increase your enthusiasm and motivation. Bright walls aren’t for everyone. but adding pops of colour to your cabinets or furniture is a great alternative if you want to inject a little  vibrancy into your kitchen without the commitment of all four walls. Experiment with colour today by picking up a  few of our sample pots from brands like Farrow & Ball, Sadolin and more.


Paint Colours for Bedroom

When it comes to choosing a bedroom colour scheme you should first decide how you want the space to make you feel. Your bedroom is your place of sanctuary and while it should be sleepy and serene it doesn’t have to be a snorefest. Statement colours and patterns can work just as well in a bedroom as they can for the rest of the house. The trick is only to select a colour palette that inspires comfort and rest. If you are naturally drawn to a neutral palette shake things up by opting for shades of blue or green. Blue in particular is a popular colour for bedrooms as it is proven to help lower blood pressure, steady breathing and clear your mind.

Opulent earthy shades like forest green or teal will invigorate your space while still maintaining a warm and cosy feel. Darker tones like these pair wonderfully with wooden furniture to create a rich and luxurious haven within your home. If cooler colours are more your style aim to  balance them out with warm furnishings and accessories, alternatively you can always pare back darker shades by opting for a lighter ceiling and accents. Whatever your preference we have a shade to suit you shop our range of hushed, vibrant and bold hues here

Paint Colours for Living Rooms

A living room should unite all things that make your house your home; comfort, leisure and togetherness. Whatever paint colour you choose will be the backdrop to countless memories, so whether it’s a statement shade or a soothing hue you are sure to find it at The Paint Shed. Living rooms are flexible when it comes to finding the perfect colour; greens, greys, beige, black and blue are among the most popular, but any colour can work when paired with the right furnishings. White and grey tones will help smaller spaces feel more spacious while also providing a neutral base for bold accent colours.

Beige and black are go to’s for designers seeking to evoke the simplicity of raw fabrics, so if you prefer a minimalist look subtle shades will set the stage for your dream living space.


Paint Colour for Hallways

Hallways may not be the most exciting part of your home but they are the first part that visitors will see. So why not make the right first impression with a beautifully decorated entryway. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme you can go for a memorable introduction to the rest of your home with bright and bold shades, or a warm and welcoming palette with cool and neutral tones. Variations of pink can serve both a bold and muted look, or if you prefer to let your art and furniture do the talking white is a great fail safe option. For more information on  choosing the perfect colour scheme look to our guide on the best paints for your home.

Painting Tips & Advice

Colour can have a profound impact on our lives, it can energize, inspire, relax and purify your space. Personalise your paint palette to make your house a home.

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