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Paint colours proven to boost your mood

In times of uncertainty your home should be your haven. When curated to your taste, mood and mental wellbeing, your living space can be an escape from the rest of the world. Paint colour plays a significant part in creating your own private sanctum. Different colours evoke different feelings, so it helps to know when and where to use them. Here's a breakdown of how paint colours can boost your mood. Find your perfect colour scheme at The Paint Shed today.

Finding the right colours for your home can be difficult, particularly when you want different rooms to create different moods. Maybe you want your bedroom to be a place of calm and refuge or your dining room to encourage socialising and fun. Whatever atmosphere you want to create, colour can help you achieve it. Interior designers have long believed that colour can dramatically affect the mood, feelings, and emotions of your home.

The science of colour

It's proven that colour can be used as an effective communication tool, it can signal action and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colours have been associated with anxiety, tranquillity, increased blood pressure, eye strain and even increased metabolism. Which is why in homes certain colours are more popular than others. Whatever feeling it is that you strive for in your home, the overall intention should be to create a space that makes you happy. Here are the colours that can help you set the mood. 


Blue is a popular paint colour for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens because it promotes a sense of calm and rest. It’s proven to help lower blood pressure, steady breathing and clear your mind. It can centre busy family rooms or aid relaxation in the lounge areas of your home. However, it's important to note that different shades of blue can have different effects. Mid to dark blues are great for creating depth and comfort, while pastel blues may cause a cold, chilly atmosphere. That said, colder blues can be easily balanced with warm accessories and furnishings. If you aim to create a sense of serenity in your home, blue is the colour for you.


If you live in a small home, white is great for helping make your home feel more spacious and open. The perfect neutral; white ceilings, doors and trimmings can create the illusion that a room is bigger or a ceiling is higher. It also teams perfectly with bolder colours, helping create a crisp and clean finish. White may not induce strong emotions but it can add a sense of purity and calm to a home. White works particularly well for minimalist style homes.


If you want to inject energy into a room, yellow is your best choice. Ideal for kitchens or play rooms yellow is proven to boost your mood so that you can start the day right. Yellow also works well in rooms which catch a lot of sunlight, creating a joyful serene spot for you to soak up the rays. If yellow walls are too intimidating you can always add pops of colour in your cabinets, pillows or curtains to the same effect. 


A symbol of prosperity, green is a great choice for bedrooms or a home office. It alleviates anxiety helping create a sense of rejuvenation. Lighter greens like celadon, glass green or aqua combine the tranquility of blue with the renewal of green to produce a soothing, understated everyday shade. Green is nature’s neutral, sitting in the middle of the colour spectrum it is the perfect blend of warm and cool meaning it works in almost any home. Bring life and nature into your rooms with green walls or accessories. 


Unlike its primary colour, red, pink is known to promote feelings of kindness, playfulness and love. This is called the ‘Pink Effect, a phenomenon whereby exposure to large amounts of pink is said to have a calming effect on the nerves. Pink walls can even alleviate feelings of anger and aggression, restoring a sense of calm to any room.

Put guests at ease and stimulate warm conversation in your dining room with a touch of dusky pink or a muted flowery hue. If you’re feeling adventurous, hot pink when teamed with white moldings can create an uninhibited but sophisticated backdrop for a living rooms or playrooms.

Now more than ever it is important to keep positive and protect our mental health, introducing colour into your home can be a wonderful way to reflect, relax and re-energize. Shop the full colour wheel at The Paint Shed today. Choose from a range of best selling brands including Dulux Trade, Farrow & Ball, Johnstone's , or pick up a paint sample pot to try out a colour today.

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