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Painting Tips For Gardens

Whatever the weather we all love enjoying our gardens but Summer is perhaps the only season in Scotland when you get to enjoy your garden to the full, whether it’s lying back and catching some rays or enjoying a glass of rosé by the chiminea in the evening. Here’s how to give yours a makeover in time for Summer. Find everything you need for a revamp at The Paint Shed today.

Let’s face it; the garden is where we spend most of our time when the weather is favourable, pottering around the flowerbeds or inviting friends and family round for barbecues in the sunshine.

Neglected in the other months of the year, your garden and the exterior of your house will have taken a beating from the elements during our cold, wet winter. Now that the warm weather has arrived, you need to repair and spruce up the forgotten nooks and crannies of your outdoor spaces.

27% of respondents in a recent poll by SurveyMonkey said they were going to use the arrival of Summer to do some much-needed home improvements. If that’s you, here’s some advice from our experts on how to get your house summer ready this year.

Get your walls summer ready

Kicking back, relaxing and indulging in some me-time soaking up some rays with a cold drink is much more enjoyable in a space that feels truly special. Looking up at the eyesore of tired or cracked paintwork on the exterior of your house or garden walls is just not going to cut it for most of us. The masonry on the outside of your home takes a battering from the weather and needs care and attention before your summer can start.

The good news is that if you choose the right garden paint, one paint job could last up to a minimum of 10 years, with some brands like Dulux Weathershield guaranteeing as much as a 15 years warranty, ensuring your brickwork is protected and looking its best for Summers to come. In Scotland we tend to play it safe when it comes to painting gardens, but coloured walls can be brilliant for adding a contemporary element to your home and garden. Use bold colours in moderation, but if there is a garden feature you want to draw attention to don’t shy away from vibrant shades.

Yellows, red and blues can add life to a garden while also drawing out natural beauty of the surrounding nature. Colour can also be used to foreshorten or add depth to space, depending on your needs. For traditional flower gardens we recommend green and pastel shades to compliment the foliage, subtle hues like these work best in the low light levels of Spring. For Summer you can experiment with richer tones like purples, reds and pinks to create a warm environment. 

For a patio or contemporary garden, bright and off white shades serve to create a fresh and modern look particularly when complimented with greenery. If you are keen to experiment more with colour, contrasting shades are best utilized for furniture, feature walls and focal points. Try to stick to a colour scheme and work around that, that way you will be sure to create a fun but comprehensive final look. When selecting your shades always consider the view from the interior as well as the flow of colour throughout the entire home.

Don’t sit on the fence, care for your wood

Of course, it’s not just the walls of your house that could do with a lick of paint to bring them back to life. There are lots of wood surfaces in your garden that could benefit from a new coat of paint or varnish before you send out any BBQ invitations to your family and friends.

If you want to add a pop of colour to your furniture, always aim for a shade that compliments your home’s exterior. You can draw colour inspiration from your garden, doors or surrounding area. Alternatively, if you want to stay thrifty you can use leftover paint from other DIY projects. Tie in the colours of your interior and exterior home by painting key furniture pieces the same shade. This will save you time and money while also creating a cohesive colour flow throughout your home. For advice on getting the most out of your leftover paint click here.

When picking your paint remember to consider your climate, depending on where you live you may need extra protection from the elements. With weather, ultraviolet and rust protection paints available you are sure to find what you need at The Paint Shed. Alternatively, you can always stain or varnish your wooden furniture for a revived look that will hold up well to extreme weather conditions.

Wood decking, for example, needs to be well protected from the elements to extend its lifespan – and of course, to look pristine when your guests arrive and take their seats at the table for a barbecue.

Using a woodstain or a creasote treatment will not only revitalise the worn-out colour of your shed, cladding fencing and decking, it will also give it some added protection from the Summer heat as well.

At the Paint Shed, you’ll not only find an extensive range of masonry paints, varnish and woodcare products (not to mention equipment) to make your house shine in the sun, We also have friendly staff on hand to give you expert advice to make the job simpler. 

For more painting tips for gardens, homes and furniture look to our top tips and advice blog here.