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The Correct Way To Use and Test Paint Samples

We understand the challenges of choosing the right paint colour, to make it easier for you to judge a paint sample we have highlighted the correct way to use and test your paint samples to avoid you going wrong like a lot of people looking to select a new paint colour! First things first, what to avoid:

Avoid Painting The Walls

It may seem odd avoid to discourage you from painting the walls considering it is where the colour will eventually sit, however there's a good reason for doing this. As the sun rises and sets throughout the day, you will notice natural light changes the shade of paint. Therefore by painting your sample on the wall you are only allowing yourself to see a small viewpoint of how the entire room will eventually look. 

The Correct Way to Use & Test Paint Samples

Our best practice advice for testing and using paint samples is by painting your sample colour onto paper, ideally A5 or bigger, and position the sample around the room at various times of the day. Using this technique will alow you to see how the paint responds to light, but also how the shade will look on different walls. For best results, we recommend you apply two full coats - allowing time to dry in between - to achieve the same depth of coverage as when you paint your walls. For further tips and advice, watch our TikTok video on the best way to test paint samples or explore our paint samples.

Seeking Paint Colour Inspiration?

If you are unsure of what colour of paint to opt for, and are researching before buying sample pots then we recommend you scroll through our paint colour inspiration as this is home to a lot of content shortlists and recommendations for trending colours including neutrals, cosy colours, plaster pinks, sage greens and much more. 


How Does Light Impact Paint Shades?

Natural light plays an important role in the appearance of your paint so it is crucial you understand how the room will look at various points during the day. Below we've highlighted how certain rooms can look depending on the position of your windows. 

South Facing

These windows tend to provide the strongest light, which can appear harsh in the afternoon. In the sun, pale and lighter shades may look duller, and darker colours will be brighter.

North Facing

Due to indrect natural light, dark colours will appear darker, with lighter shades being slightly more muted.

East Facing 

These rooms tend to have lots of natural light in the morning, however rooms are typically darker as the day progresses. Darker shades of colour may appear brighter in the mornings, and begin to face and appear darker as the natural light begins to fade.

West Facing

While your room may be darker in the morning, you will enjoy the beauty of the afternoon light - be cautious when choosing tones such as red and yellow as they may become too overwhelming on sunnier days.


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