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The Paint Shed is delighted to stock a small but mighty range of Beeline products. We only showcase brands we believe will provide a premium product for the user, and when it comes to adhesives and clean hands, Beeline does it in spades.

Take a look at the current Beeline products we have in stock and see if we have just what you’ve been looking for. Remember too that customers at The Paint Shed can benefit from click & collect at your nearest store, or free delivery on orders over £50.

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  1. Ciret Beeline Ready Mixed Wallpaper and Vinyl Adhesive
    Ciret Ciret Ready Mixed Wallpaper And Vinyl Adhesive
    From £20.51 £17.09
  2. Ciret Beeline Paint Hand Klenz Cleaner
    Ciret Ciret Paint Hand Klenz Cleaner
    From £8.09 £6.74

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What is Beeline?

Beeline is a brand which specialises in fillers, adhesives, cleaning products and sealers. Part of the Ciret family, which also has reputable brands like Rota and Kana, Beeline develops products which make decorating that little bit easier. When you want to ensure wallpaper is hanging to your satisfaction and you don’t want to finish a job with sticky hands, their products work.

Why Beeline?

Reliability. It’s key with any decorating product, especially when using adhesives, and this is something Beeline can provide users in spades, or rather, paperhanging brushes.

Their ready mixed adhesive (4.5kg) is ideal for someone doing a personal decorating job at home, with a tub being able to provide enough coverage for nine rolls on average. Of course, this can be done to scale with their trade size pack which offers coverage for 30 rolls and can be mixed in just 3 minutes.

Keeping hands clean

Whether you’re just doing a small job at home, or you’re a decorator who is used to paint and adhesive catching on the hands, you’ll know all too well the inconvenience that scrubbing forever over the sink brings when paint does not want to come off.

You can avoid this entirely with  Beeline Paint Hand Klenz Cleaner. We think it’s a great product, especially considering how well it can handle both wet and dry paint on skin. The waxy consistency also makes it easier to move around the hands than other gel-based products in the market.

Getting the right brushes for wallpapering

If you’re going to be buying good quality wall adhesive, you’ll want to make sure you have good quality brushes to match. Some of the best-selling brushes currently in stock at The Paint Shed include the  Axus Grey Immaculate 9" Paperhanging Brush, Hamilton Prestige Dust Brush and Ciret Paperhanger 200mm. You can find your ideal brush in our paintbrush section.

Getting the Area Prepped

If you’re someone who needs to have your area fully prepped before getting to work, you’re going to love the selection of cleaning products we have available at The Paint Shed. Our collection includes spirits, cleaners, tape and sheets to protect furniture and surfaces.

Finishing the job

After using Beeline adhesive, you’ll want to ensure wallpaper sits just how you want it, and The Paint Shed has some products which will help. The likes of the Axus Wallpaper Smoother has an anti-slip grip to help make smoothing less cumbersome, and the Axus Bubble Out Wallpaper Syringe is there to save you in those moments where a pesky bubble just doesn’t want to give up.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Whether you’re wallpapering for the first time or working with a new surface and not sure what products work best, The Paint Shed can help.

Visit our advice section for helpful articles on how to decorate interior and exterior spaces. If you have a specific question you need answering, call us on 033 3320 2369, or click the “Need Help” icon in the bottom corner of the page to speak to one of the team.

And remember that when you buy Beeline products from The Paint Shed, you’re always getting the best deal possible thanks to our price promise.