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Crown Trade Emulsion Paint

Sometimes you want a flat matt paint which you know won’t have a sheen or any gloss about it. This range of Crown Trade Emulsion Paint does just that, offering fantastic coverage in almost every scenario, and long-lasting colour retention.

The Paint Shed now stocks some of the most popular Crown Trade emulsions available, as well as some specialist emulsion which comes in handy for specific jobs. If you’re after a fast-drying emulsion paint, this could be the range for you.

Please take a look and see which Crown Trade emulsion you prefer, and get it ordered straight to your door when you shop at The Paint Shed. Remember, if you’re in a hurry and need paint right away, click & collect is available from your nearest Paint Shed store.

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What is Crown Trade Emulsion Paint?

This is a range of what would be considered premium matt emulsion, while still providing the price point which makes it preferable to tradespeople who would go through a good amount of paint on any given day. 

There are some products within the range we’d like to highlight and let you know more about if you’re new to the world of emulsion paint.

Crown Vinyl Matt (All Colours)
A dependable pre-mixed matte which is available in a multitude of colours. Ideal for those who want easy application and decent opacity on the wall.

Crown Vinyl Matt White 7.5L
Nothing more than a large and reliable tub of matt white. The size makes it ideal if you’re working in multiple rooms or large walls, averaging 17m2 per litre.

Crown Trade Silk Vinyl Emulsion
A higher sheen than the flat matt emulsions, but still able to provide good opacity on the wall. It also has a washable finish which makes it preferable for family homes.

Crown Clean Extreme Matt (All Colours)
As tough as they come. A dependable matt paint which is ideal for high-traffic areas and allows for scrubbing without losing stain resistance. Also available in matt white.

Why use Crown Trade Emulsion Paint?

Crown Trade makes some fantastic matt paints, and with many giving you the option to mix to any colour you like, you should have no problem at all using this with a roller, brush or even spray.

What surfaces does Crown Trade Emulsion work best on?

You’d preferably want to use this type of paint on interior walls in the home or office. As most matt paints are water-based, you’re getting the added benefit of a quick-dry and recoat time.

If you are getting ready to paint your home, we do recommend getting some primer or undercoat and applying that first, so your matt paint has the best chance possible of looking great on the wall.

Anyone working in a new build, especially if you’re going to be painting on plaster for the first time, Crown Trade Covermatt is a safe option as it is specially formulated for first time decoration. 

What colours do Crown Trade Emulsion Paints come in?

You can get most of these paints pre-mixed in pretty much any colour you like. The bestselling Crown Vinyl Matt has over 200 colours to choose from, while anyone looking to keep a room light will be delighted with choices from the Crown Trade Acrylic Eggshell 5l.

We also have a new exciting range of flat matt paint from the Elle Collection.

Not sure which paint you need?

The Paint Shed is all about helping you get the right paint at the right price. If you aren’t sure which matt paint you want, get some Crown tester pots to try out first.

If you have any questions about matt paints or need help finding a specific type of paint, contact The Paint Shed, and we’ll see how we can help.