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What is Crown Trade Fastflow Paint?

Crown Trade Fastflow is a range of paints which have a quicker drying time due to being water-based. There are different paint types within the range, and here is a little more about each.

Crown Trade Quick Dry Gloss
Has a surprisingly consistent opacity on the wall and a high sheen appearance. It is ideally made for someone who is painting a room in gloss and wants the job done in one day.

Crown Trade Quick Dry Satin
Always a reliable go-to when you want a high sheen white or lighter tint on the wall, this satin paint will give you coverage up to 15m2/litre.

Crown Trade Quick Dry Eggshell
Eggshell is becoming one of the most popular paint choices in the UK, and the Breatheasy formulation in this typically lets you get a second coat on the wall in just around 4 hours. It also works surprisingly well on metalwork outside.

Crown Trade Fastflow Primer/Undercoat
You can’t get a surface looking good without a reliable primer/undercoat first, and this one delivers. You’d ideally want to use this alongside other Fastflow products as they’re made the same way. Due to popularity, we also have a grey undercoat in stock.

Why use Crown Trade Fastflow Paint?

With this range you’re looking at fast-drying paints which have a low VOC (due to being 99% solvent-free), provide surprisingly good flow on the brush for water-based paint, and are touch dry in around an hour.

For the price point, it’s hard to argue it isn’t good paint to use around the home.

What surfaces does Crown Trade Fastflow work best on?

These are adaptable paints which can be used on interiors and exteriors. They’re good enough for quick jobs outside in the garden, especially the gloss, but if you want a dedicated paint to withstand the elements for a long-time, we would recommend products like Dulux trade Weathershield or Dulux Stormshield.

What colours do Crown Trade Fastflow Paints come in?

You can choose from standard white in every product, or get your paint mixed to order in a variety of colours. Any product with a colour wheel beside it can be mixed to order.

How can this work as well as solvent-based paints?

Crown went through a lot of trial and error to get Fastflow to work as it does. Typically, water-based paints can leave you with two main problems; poor flow from the brush on the surface, and a higher risk of brush marks even after the second coat.

Crown Trade Fastflow is formulated with polymers which help provide the same type of consistency you’d get from a solvent paint, but with much less hassle. And it has a much lower VOC as well. You’ll be surprised just how good the gloss paint looks for being water-based.

Not sure which paint you need?

If you’re painting a surface for the first time and aren’t sure what you need, our Tips & Advice section has helpful articles on how to paint different surfaces, both indoors & outdoors. And remember to get all the proper cleaning tools so you can prepare your space properly to avoid any accidents.

If you have any questions about Fastflow paint or need help finding a specific type of paint, contact The Paint Shed directly.