The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s arguably the one room you always need access to. When you’re getting work done, especially when it involves painting your kitchen, you want things to run smoothly. So anytime you need to paint your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you have the right paint for the job and know that you won’t stumble into any problems that keep the kitchen out of bounds for longer than you need it to.

At the Paint Shed, we have a fantastic range of kitchen paint from Crown Trade on offer, with something for every kitchen. Please take a look and see which paint works best for you and remember that we have a click & collect service available from your nearest Paint Shed store.

Crown Trade Kitchen Paint

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What is Crown Trade Kitchen Paint?

This page is a handpicked selection of Crown Trade Paints which we at The Paint Shed believe work best in kitchens. That’s why you can see a mixture of matt, satin & gloss paint in stock. Which paint you go for will depend on what you need from the kitchen.

Muted tones for the kitchen

If you’re the kind of person who wants a gentle and toned down look in the kitchen, you’ll want to opt for matt and eggshell paints. They provide robust coverage and won’t be highly reflective like a high gloss. Some of the most notable paints that work this way include:

As long as you’re looking for nice coverage from a non-gloss paint, you’ll want to stick with matt or eggshell.

Glossy finishes for the kitchen

Now, when it comes to some kitchens, especially those with a lot of wooden fittings you want to paint over, gloss can be the way to go. Crown make some very good glosses, and some of the best for a kitchen include:

If you’re planning on working with the likes of wood, but don’t know if paint is right for the look you want in the kitchen, take a look at some of our woodcare products.

Kitchen paint which can take a licking

Whether you’re an amateur cook in the kitchen or have a professional kitchen where stains and splashes on the wall are just inevitable, Crown Trade has some fantastic options for paint which take a few bumps and stains while affording you the chance to clean it off. The most notable include:

Both will help if you have the kind of house where pasta sauce hits the wall behind the cooker or someone doesn’t own up to drawing on the wall with crayons.

Is Crown Trade Kitchen paint antibacterial?

Most paints have protective features, but if you were painting in a kitchen which has mould and similar problems in the corners and high on the wall, we’d suggest going for Crown Trade Steracryl Anti-Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell, which is available in white, or pre-mixed to any colour you need.

Getting your kitchen prepped

The Paint Shed firmly believes in getting the job done right. That means prepping the room with a decent primer, and Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry is available in all colours to do just that. It helps as well to get a matching shade if you’re planning on painting your kitchen a specific colour. 

Getting your kitchen ready

From masking tape to sheets to angled brushes, get everything you need to paint your kitchen by stopping by our painting tools & accessories section.

If you need help finding specific paint for the kitchen, get in touch with The Paint Shed team, and we’ll be delighted to help you.