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Cuprinol Fence and Shed Paints & Stains

Cuprinol are exterior wood experts when it comes to painting garden sheds, fences, decking or garden furniture. Offering a huge choice of fence paint, shed paint and decking stain across a variety colours in their Garden Shades range including their best selling Urban Slate, Iris and Silver Birch, you will be sure to find the perfect colour for your garden. ... Read more

If you're refreshing your garden decking, look no further than the Cuprinol Anti-Slip decking stain, perfect for adding colour and protecting your wooden decking from the elements. Or, their classic Ducksback range is a wood stain with an advanced wax enriched, water repellent and non-drip formulation that colours and weatherproofs sheds and fences for up to 5 years. There really is something for every job in the garden.

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Garden Shades Urban Slate

A grey garden wood paint that has been specially developed to colour and protect sheds, fences and other garden wood. Suitable for rough sawn or smooth wood.

5 Year Ducksback

A wood stain with an advanced wax enriched, water repellent and non-drip formula that colours and weatherproofs rough sawn sheds and fences for up to 5 years.

Anti-Slip Decking Stain

A semi-transparent colour with a tough, durable finish and a unique double action formulation which has invisible Anti-Slip microbeads to make decks safer than untreated wood.

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  1. Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback
    Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback
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  2. Cuprinol Garden Shades Willow
    Cuprinol Garden Shades Willow
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  3. Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Oil
    Cuprinol Anti-slip Decking Oil
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  4. Cuprinol Garden Shades Muted Clay
    Cuprinol Garden Shades Muted Clay
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What is Cuprinol?

Cuprinol is a woodcare brand owned by Akzonobel. Cuprinol offer a wide range of fence and decking stains, fence, shed and garden furniture paints, exterior wood preservers and wood oils. 

Is Cuprinol a stain or a paint?

Cuprinol offers both wood stain and wood paint products. If you are looking for a stain, try their 5 Year Ducksback for an opaque colour that protects your fence, sheds and garden furniture from weathering for 5 years. If you're looking for shed or fence paint try their Garden Shades range which offers a wide range of colours and high protection from the elements. 

Do I need a primer before applying Cuprinol?

In most cases there is no need for a primer when using Cuprinol products, they can be applied directly to the wood. You may want to use a wood filler to repair any cracks or holes in the wood first though. We recommend  Metolux Wood Filler.

What is Cuprinol Garden Shades?

Cuprinol Garden Shades is a popular range of fence, shed and garden furniture paints, also suitable for other exterior wood you may have. It comes in a wide range of opaque colours so is great for brightening up your outdoor space. We stock the full range including the popular colours Urban Slate , Silver Birch, Willow, and Seagrass.

What is the difference between Ducksback and Garden Shades?

Cuprinol Ducksback is a wood stain that works on rough sawn wood as it very much relies on the timber texture for adhesion. Garden Shades works on both rough sawn and smooth wood surfaces and can also be applied on terracotta, brick and stone, to bring beautiful colours to the rest of the garden across any plant pots, walls and furniture.

Can I use Cuprinol on decking?

Yes, you can use Cuprinol on decking. They have a decking stain, Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain which protects and colours your decking while providing an anti-slip coating. It comes in a wide range of colours including the popular Urban Slate Decking Stain. Cuprinol Garden Shades and Ducksback are not recommended for decking.