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What is Fired Earth Paint?

Fired Earth Paint is a range of comprehensive matt and water-based paints which lend themselves best to interior painting. They have what would be described as a soft touch and work best when you want to provide some depth to a feature wall, or completely overhaul the look of a room.

Some of their most notable finishes to look at include:

  • Creams
  • Yellows
  • Blue
  • Pinks

Their pinks, in particular, work very well on smaller walls. Typically, it’s the case that pinks don’t take very well to walls even after you’ve primed correctly. Fired Earth paints, especially those deeper Magenta tones, can provide a lower sheen finish without any bubbling or apparent signs of brush stroke.

If you’re going to be painting a new room and want to do it correctly, make sure you have the right tools for the job. Check out our range of trade paintbrushes that professionals use, with brushes from top names including ProDec and Axus.

Premium Paints at the Paint Shed

Do you like some of the shades you’ve seen on this page? If you’re looking for more high-quality neutral tones or shades that can bring a pop of colour to any room, there are some other brands we currently have in stock which are worth checking out.

Farrow & Ball is arguably the most respected designer paint brand in the UK, crafted by some of the finest paint makers in Dorset. Victoria & Albert have fantastic off-white shades if you need a robust neutral tone for your hallway or kitchen. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Isle of Skye with their tremendous greens, creams & yellows.

Getting Ready to Paint

If you’re about to paint a new space, make sure you have all the accessories you need at hand to ensure the job goes smoothly. Visit our tools & accessories section to get the correct cleaning and prep equipment, including white spirit, masking tape and brush cleaner.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Getting the ideal paint for any space, whether it is for your kitchen, bedroom or garden fence, couldn’t be simpler when you shop here at The Paint Shed. Don’t forget we have specialist paint in stock if you’re spending time painting furniture, concrete, or flooring to help make any paint job look its absolute best.

We do recommend having a quick look at our paint offers page while you’re here, as we have special discounts on new products every month. This includes many similar shades and tones to some of the Fired Earth products you see on this page.